Kansas City Royals Need Stars To Emerge

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Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer – Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Instant success isn’t something we’re used to as Kansas City Royals fans. Success in general has escaped the team for a generation, but individual stardom from its players has also been absent for the better part of two decades.

If the Royals are to reach the postseason in 2014, a number of things are going to need to go not just right, but perfect. The margin for error is razor thin.

The Royals need a young superstar to emerge.

I don’t care whether it’s on the mound, or in the batters box, Royals fans deserve a bonafide baseball superstar. We always have to wait for our players to develop into  longer than fans of other teams have to wait.

There never seems to be an instant success story. No one ever leaps into stardom immediately, or at all for that matter. Even the three winners of the American League Rookie of the Year award the Royals have had in the past 20 years, have all gone on to have horrible second seasons, and in two of the cases the remainder of their careers have been forgettable.

There has been no Mike Trout in Kansas City. No Joey Votto or Prince Fielder. We haven’t seen a Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez or a Clayton Kershaw. From the word go, those guys have been outstanding players.

No, here in Kansas City, our top prospects are a slow burn. We get Alex Gordon, now the game’s best left fielder, had a very rough start to his career and even now, his numbers are no where near what we expected them to be when he was picked second overall in 2005.

We get Zack Greinke, who obviously won a Cy Young in a Royals uniform, but had a brutal start to his career, leaving the game for a time and returning as a bullpen piece before finally prospering as a starter.

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