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Greg Robinson, Tackle: Kansas City Chiefs Scouting Report

Auburn tackle Greg Robinson is one of the most talked about offensive linemen in this draft. Starting every game last season at left tackle, he bulldozed defenders all the way to the National Championship Game against Florida State.

Since I live in Columbia, MO I watched very closely as Auburn’s punishing rushing attack gashed the Tigers in the SEC title game and was duly impressed.


Robinson seems to have a prototypical combination of  raw power, athleticism and speed, stemming mainly from a strong lower body. At the recent NFL Combine he wowed scouts by leading all linemen in the 40 yard dash at 4.92 seconds and the broad jump at 113 inches.


Outstanding run blocker with the strength and power to wash down half of the line. Creates a surge and generates power from his lower body. Good get-off and body control. Excellent reach-blocking, chipping and releasing to the second level. Very good balance in his set and is quick to cut off the rush. Can maneuver his hips, shuffle, slide and mirror. Has a strong punch and replaces his hands. Very athletic in vertical sets.


Few. Since he didn’t switch from defensive line to offense until his junior year of high school, some of his techniques are considered a touch unpolished, but he still appears to be one of the most complete LT’s in the draft.


Could stand to refine his technique in pass protection and do a better job finishing blocks. At times will quit after contact and let defenders come underneath or get over the top — handwork is too passive. Developing eyes and awareness vs. the blitz — still learning how to adjust to overload pressure and could improve switching off blocks.

How he fits in with the Chiefs:

With decent coaching Robinson looks like he could be a sure-fire prospect. The kind of sought after tackle that anchors an o-line without having to design an offense to mask his protection or run-blocking flaws. Since Branden Albert is likely walking in free agency and Eric Fisher is still a bit of an enigma, he could make the Chiefs line rock solid on the end.

That’s exactly why it ain’t happening. KC would have to pull off some blockbuster trade into the top 3-5 spots in the draft to even get close to him. And for Robinson to fall to the last leg of the first round where the Chiefs currently sit he’d essentially have to light up a joint at a press conference.

It’s a nice dream, but Kansas City is going to have to look elsewhere if they want a tackle in this draft.

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