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Salvador Perez: Biggest Steal in Major League Baseball


On February 27th of 2012, Dayton Moore inked the best young catcher, and arguably already a top 5 catcher of the league, Salvador Perez, to a five year deal. Congratulations, Dayton Moore, on the most underrated move of your career as a general manager.

You managed to lock up one of your franchise players for the long-run; and for next-to-nothing. This extension was signed a little over two years ago, but it needs to be re-recognized after these past two seasons, because it may be the biggest steal in baseball.

But get this, Perez was fooled by Dayton Moore into a five year deal worth $7 million.

That’s not $7 million per year, no. That is Salvador Perez making a combined $7 million dollars from 2012 until 2016. After 2016, the Royals then have the option to keep him through 2019 for only $14.75 million more, which for under $5 million/year, is still a total steal.

It is clear that Perez is on his way to becoming perhaps the best catcher in Royals history. In fact, through his first three seasons, Salvador Perez has been noticeably better than legends like Ivan Rodriguez and Yadier Molina were through their first three seasons.  The stats are there to prove it; Kansas City fans could be watching a future Hall of Fame catcher until at least 2019.

Pudge Rodriquez’ slash, through his firs three seasons, ages 19-21, was .266/.301/.379/.680 in 348 games and 1,261 plate appearances. He had 21 home runs and 130 RBI.

Molina’s slash line in his first three seasons, ages 21-23, was .238/.291/.342/.632. He had 16 home runs and 113 RBI in 294 games, and 1,033 plate appearances.

Savador Perez’s slash in his first three seasons, ages 21-23, is .301/.331/.451/.782 in 253 games and 989 plate appearances. Salvy has 27 home runs and 139 RBI.

So, congratulations on that, Mr. Moore. My only question is: Why weren’t you trying to sign extensions to all of your other players this offseason?

Over half of the team will be free agents after 2014. This includes James Shields, Eric Hosmer, Greg Holland, Norichika Aoki, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain,  Justin Maxwell, Luke Hochevar, Tim Collins, Aaron Crow, Louis Coleman, Kelvin Herrera and Jarrod Dyson.

Dayton Moore will have his work cut out for him between now and the end of the season. I’m just hoping his lack of effort to extend these players won’t cost the Royals a chance to keep competing longer than just this season.

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