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Kansas City Royals 2014 Pitching Staff Situations

Spring Training is officially underway. On Monday, the Kansas City Royals had their first intrasquad game that featured Yordano Ventura starting on the mound against Luke Hochevar.

Neither of them proved themselves as ready to be the Royals fifth starter. Both were awful.

So the questions still remain: how will the rotation shake out? Is it possible for the Royals to roll with a four-man rotation for the month of April? What about using a six-man bullpen, allowing the Royals middle infield a day off?

Earlier this week, Ned Yost said in an interview that the idea of a four-man rotation early on in the season probably wouldn’t work with the way that the Royals schedule plays out in the month of April.

He also said that they probably would not roll with an 11-man pitching staff, which eliminates the idea of a six-man bullpen.

What this all hopefully means is that a fifth starter will win the position. I say win the position because Kansas City fans hope that it doesn’t come down to Ned Yost having to choose a fifth starter out of a committee of disappointing Spring Training performers.

The Kansas City Royals want someone to come out and force them to give them a starting gig. Monday’s intrasquad game was a bad start for the candidates.

There are still no clues as to which pitcher the coaching staff is leaning towards, but I think- from the perspective of a fan, Danny Duffy has the upper-edge.

It is likely that management won’t make a decision until the last week of Spring Training games. If so, Ventura and Hochevar will have plenty of other opportunities to plead their case for the rotation spot.

It will be interesting to see who walks away with the final rotation spot. As of now, it is completely up for grabs.

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