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Should The Kansas City Chiefs Trade Back If Offered

The debate has been raging about who the Kansas City Chiefs should select with their first pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Should they go defense or offense?

But one question that hasn’t been asked is if they should move back if a team makes the right offer. We see it time and time again, a team that picked earlier in the draft, or a team that didn’t have a first round pick, look to trade up into the later part of the first round if there is a top player that happens to fall.

For example, let’s say Sammy Watkins from Clemson falls to the Chiefs at 23. Do the Chiefs take the dynamic play maker, OR, do they accept a trade that moves them back a couple spots or picks them up an early 2nd round pick and an additional 3rd or 4th?

It’s a good question, considering how deep this draft is with talent in the positions the Chiefs are needing to upgrade most. Tons of good receivers like Martavis Bryant, or Jarvis Landry, are projected to be 2nd to 3rd round selections- making the trade offers very interesting.

General manager, John Dorsey, has proven he isn’t afraid to be aggressive which is why I tend to think the Chiefs are willing to move back if an offer gets pitched their way. This draft is imperative for Kansas City moving forward because they need to find talent to match their core group of guys, (Charles, Hali, Johnson, Bowe) who aren’t getting any younger.

The Chiefs are facing cap issues that are going to limit them in free agency- that includes their own free agents- so they need to hit some home runs with this draft class if they want to continue their success right now. John Dorsey also needs to find depth at several positions, something he can do with arguably the best draft class since 2010.

The best way to do that is by having several picks in the earlier rounds- something Kansas City does not have because of the Alex Smith trade with San Francisco.

So now I ask you, would you mind seeing the Chiefs trade back? If not, why? And who are some players the Chiefs cannot pass on if they have them at 23?

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11 Comments on Should The Kansas City Chiefs Trade Back If Offered

  1. Stacy D. Smith says:

    Yes! With limited safety talent the opening three rounds and a deep receiver class, this is a year to have an R2 or multiple R3′s.

  2. freshmeat62 says:

    Sure if they get a good deal, and there isn’t someone that falls to them, like Marino did to Miami. But I don’t know that I’d trade out of the 1st rd. Say someone’s lower 1st and 3rd, yeah. Say SF’s 30th and 13th of the 3rd rd. Those number would slightly favor KC according to the “value chart”, but hey, if they initiate the trade then they would probably be wanting someone pretty bad.

  3. unclejesse40 says:

    My God YES!!! This is a deep draft and the more picks that we can have the better

  4. Nick says:

    We can’t afford to pass on Sammy Watkins, Justin Gilbert, or HaHa Clinton-Dix, they are too dynamic of playmakers at positions of need to pass up. If these 3 aren’t available, and by all reports won’t be , then I would love to trade back and pick up a pick in the second round, then maybe a 4th. Compensation would really depend on how far we would move back obviously.

  5. Stacy D. Smith says:

    If Sammy Watkins falls to us, we better take him!

  6. antony555 says:

    Sammy Watkins if he fell to the 23th spot, who else besides fixing our O-line.
    There aren’t a lot of teams with the weapons we would have.. On offense

  7. Tyler_KC_Fan says:

    If Watkins falls that far their is more of a concern for the mental health of the rest of the league. The draft is deep in plenty of positions, but what it comes down to are the players who could come out and play at an high level the first year.

    In my opinion, Ebron, Gilbert and the miracle of all Watkins are the only players we don’t pass on. If they aren’t there then we try to trade back in the draft. An early second rounder and a 3rd rounder would be huge.

    Jeff Janis and John Brown were two WRs that really impressed me at the combine. Though they would be later picks, both could do some great things for the team.

    The Seahawks are a perfect example of late/non drafted players that can still make an impact. I feel like with this draft we could draft some players late in the draft and they still make an impact on the team; whether that be this year or a couple years down the road.

    • Josh Michaels says:

      Absolutely. I just used Sammy Watkins for arguments sake. No way he escapes the top ten, though we do see players of his caliber fall all the time.

      I agree though, you gotta be good at finding those diamonds in the rough- something Seattle has made a killing off doing

  8. Kody Latham says:

    i would say yes to trading back for the right price we need more picks so if we get the chance i say take it cause how spread out we are in this draft just isnt a very good siuation

  9. Dakota Morgan says:

    If Sammy Watkins falls to 23, then my name’s not Dakota. No way that guy falls out of the top 5.

    • Josh Michaels Josh Michaels says:

      Hahaha I’m sorry guys, apparently sammy watkins was a terrible name to use. I literally just said him for arguments sake and he was the first player that came to mind when i started writing. I’m completely aware he will not fall that far.

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