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Kansas City Chiefs: Is Offense Or Defense More Important In 2014

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The 2013 season was a strange one for the Kansas City Chiefs. In the first nine games, the defense was dominant, holding each opponent to 17 points or less. During the bye in week 10, analysts were saying that the Chiefs were the best defense in the league.

On the other side of the ball, the Chiefs were not looking great. Alex Smith had decent stats, but it just never seemed like the offense could score points. During those first nine games, the defense was usually responsible for at least one score each game (if not multiple scores).

After Kansas City’s first match-up against the Broncos, things changed. In week 12, the Chiefs faced San Diego and the game basically went back and forth with who was leading. Kansas City’s defense looked horrendous, not being able to stop a thing and barely getting any pressure on Philip Rivers. Part of this might have been due to both Tamba Hali and Justin Houston being injured earlier on in the game.

In the same game against the Chargers, the offense stepped up immensely. While the Chargers’ secondary didn’t play well, it wasn’t the sole reason Kansas City’s offense started clicking, as Smith and his crew continued to put up a lot of points throughout the rest of the season.

In the playoff game against the Colts, the Chiefs had a 38-10 lead at halftime. Kansas City scored their 38 points without their offensive weapon Jamaal Charles, who was injured on the first series of the game.

Things seemed promising, as both sides of the ball were doing their jobs. The Chiefs’ defense picked off Andrew Luck three times and kept the Colts off the field for much of the first half.

When the second half rolled around, the Chiefs defense never came back on the field. Well, at least it seemed that way as Luck brought Indianapolis back to win the game. Not only that, but Kansas City’s offense was decimated with injuries and poor Alex Smith had no one to throw to.

It was a tough loss to swallow and brought up the question: which side of the ball is more important for the Chiefs in 2014?

Many would say that without points, a team can’t win. Usually that’s the way I would look at it too, but in the first nine weeks of the season, the Chiefs were winning. They might not have been crushing opponents, but they were winning. The defense would bring out their big plays at the end of the game and Kansas City would squeeze out another win each week.

As soon as the offense started to improve, the defense looked sluggish and the Chiefs finished the regular season 2-5 after a 9-0 start. If the Chiefs’ defense had been able to tackle better and stop the Colts’ offense, how far would Kansas City have gone in the playoffs?

When looking at other teams such as the Broncos or the Patriots, their big name quarterbacks come to mind. Those two teams rely on their offense to win games. Denver’s offense got them to the Super Bowl after a record-breaking season for Peyton Manning, while the Seahawks got to the big game with their stellar defense. It was a Super Bowl that matched the best offense in the league against the best defense in the league, and we all saw how that one turned out.

Which side of the ball is more important for the Kansas City Chiefs next season? Is it better for Kansas City to go back to its early 2013 season roots and stop opposing quarterbacks from making plays? Or is it better for the Chiefs to put up big numbers and then hope the other team can’t keep up?

Fire away Chiefs Kingdom! I’m curious to know if you think offense or defense will help our boys get to the playoffs again next season.

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4 Comments on Kansas City Chiefs: Is Offense Or Defense More Important In 2014

  1. Willie Taylor says:

    I feel this is a case of KC having a very good offense with a very good to at time outstanding Defense, AT THE SAME TIME! Look at it this way, the Offense has a chance of being Top ten scoring offense. We had season with a third and fourth string TE’s and at time unreliable 2nd option at WR with Donnie Avery. And as probably the Greatest Football city, WE MUST BUY INTO ALEX SMITH! The man put up 44 points in a game without in my opinion one of if not the best RB in the league, again with virtually no TE’s and no reliable 2nd option at WR. IN A PLAYOFF GAME! The man is good enough to win a Super Bowl. ALEX SMITH IS NOT A GAME MANAGER! He is a very capable QB of leading a team and shown put a team on his back. Now to the Defense, K. Lewis YOU NEED TO GO! KC, John Dorsey, Andy Reid you need a new FREE SAFETY. Draft, Free Agency, even on the roster you need a new guy who runs a +4.7 in a 40 and misses tackles and takes bad angles on ball thrown. And I don’t know want it was A down year or just not his type of system but B. Flowers get your act together or your act won’t be on this field as a member of the Chiefs if your pay doesn’t match you play after next year. And we need more depth behind Tamba and Justin. Plain and simple, if Michael Sam falls and we can grab him go right ahead. I’m not a gay supporter but he is a fit here and we love him in Missouri keep him here. If he pans out could be Tamba Successer. I’m done but if you like what I just typed here contact me and my name is Willie B. Taylor Jr.

  2. FaAmos says:

    The Answer is both, we need another pass rusher because after Hali and Houston went down our defense had zero pressure. We need a sure handed receiver Sammy Watkins but he’ll be long gone but I’d be happy taking a WR in the first round but stay away from FSU WR Benjamin because he could be Megatron in a couple season of learning to concentrate and not drop so many balls but I’m afraid he’s another Jon Baldwin so pass but first round we can’t fix on either side of the ball because without a second round pick we have to go best player available slash position of need so if Alabama’s Safety Ha Ha Dixon or what ever his name slips down to us or Oklahoma States Corner back slips to is we should consider taking him or one of the many DL who we could slide to DE and take over for Devito then we should go Defense either to help our rush or my choice is another Safety either a FS either a 6’2 or 6’3 220-230 Cam Chancslor twin is out their then grab him and move the smaller Berry to FS and have him get w/ a trainer to get his fluidity and flexibility back and his senior season and rookie season weight so the smaller Berry will hold up longer not having to play on the line taking so many hits but In the first sure handed with No. 1 receiver potential or DT to move to DE or CB or Safety. We can’t be choosy but I’m not sure how all of it works but Id like to resign Albert and keep him for four years on a four year deal or trade him after a season or two when Fisher is ready and we have a RT to replace him or to sign and trade him so we don’t just lose him and get nothing in return because a sign and trade for a second rounder would be great and give us so many more options. Oh and keep McCluster don’t lose him but we need to through draft and free agency get a CB, Safety, DE, ILB or resign Akeem Jordan and a WR early on plus a RB and TE most importantly since I’ll never get over trading up and then passing on Jimmy Graham for a player who never played a full college season do to injury I’m still wondering what if with Jimmy Graham and Alex Smith

  3. andy says:

    We all know our D did not respond to the league when they adjusted to our D. This is a copy cat league. Once you are figured out you adjust or you lose. Give Sutton the secondary and DL help and tweak the offense.

  4. Josh Michaels says:

    The offense finished as the 6th best scoring offense in the league. The chiefs need to keep building the defense!

    Great article Leigh

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