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Kansas City Chiefs: If I Was General Manager For A Day

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It’s the start of the 2014 NFL off season for the Kansas City Chiefs. Every year I talk with other Kansas City Chief fans about what off season moves should be made. I start with NFL free agency since we only have one day and in free agency, you have a chance to sign and trade for impact players.

Lets first look at the Kansas City Chief free agents. They are as follows: Branden Albert, Geoff Schwartz, Jon Asamoah, Dexter McCluster, Tyson Jackson, Kendrick Lewis, Quintin Demps, Husain Abdullah, Frank Zombo, Kyle Williams, Akeem Jordan, Thomas Gafford.

Lets begin with the players I would sign for sure. The first player I sign is Husian Abdullah. Did you watch the AFC wild card game? He was all over the field. Next, I would sign Asamoah and Schwartz.  When Fisher and Albert were out with injury the chiefs offensive line never missed a beat.

Next, I sign Quintin Demps as he can replace Dexter McCluster as a punt returner.

If you notice, I haven’t said anything about Dexter McCluster, Branden Albert, Tyson Jackson. Dexter had one pro bowl season and it just so happen to be the season were his contract was up. He won’t be worth the big payday. Tyson Jackson has never lived up to his high draft pick.

This just in -  currently there are rumors that the Chiefs are ready to walk away from Branden Albert. For these reasons; all should be allowed to test the free agent market

Next item of business is Brandon Flowers. He is getting older and his contract is really pricey. I trade him to the St Louis Rams for a 2nd round and 5th round picks. He is a pro bowl corner, and since he no longer fits the team’s scheme, the Chiefs need to bring in players that do.

Lastly, what free agents would be signed to get the Kansas City Chiefs over the hump? First, Michael Bennett, Defensive Lineman, of the Seattle Seahawks. He can replace Tyson Jackson in the 3-4 scheme.

Next, Safety Donte Whitner, who has great ball skills and can bring physicality to a secondary that needs a enforcer.

The last free agent I sign as GM-of-the-Chiefs-for-a-day is Anquan Boldin. The former Raven and 49er is a proven leader who is known for CATCHING the ball in critical situations. These three players, along with a solid draft class should be enough to put Kansas City over the hump. Tell me your thoughts if you were a GM for a day what would you do?

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8 Comments on Kansas City Chiefs: If I Was General Manager For A Day

  1. Michael Tavis says:

    If I was GM for a day I would resign Schwartz and Abdullah. I think Demps doesn’t have the quickness to return punts and we have Davis to return kicks. I would trade Flowers for a 2nd round pick and sign Maclin and Byrd. That means we can address CB, OL, Pass rush depth in the draft.

  2. cj2k says:

    they don’t have enough money to sign Bennett OR boldin… let alone both AND hitner. even after getting rid of flowers.

  3. cyberry says:

    The Ram’s had the smallest cap space extra in all of the NFL.. They are watching there budget as bad as the Chiefs.. Remember Bradford 50M guaranteed.. There is No way they pick up 10M this year, 11,5M next year and 9.5M the year after that.. His contract is TOO big.. they have film..they saw him having one of his down years.. The Chiefs have NO one to play opposite Sean Smith..hopefully he might redo his contract so he doesn’t get cut next year..

  4. Tyler_KC_Fan says:

    I personally take Maclin over Boldin, mainly because I don’t see Boldin leaving SF. And I address the TE issue in the draft. Drafting Ebron or Amaro would better suit the Chiefs because they both have huge upside and they won’t break the bank like Bennett will. I do agree on trading Flowers because he doesn’t fit out defensive scheme anymore, and if we can find someone to give us a 2nd round pick I would take that in a heart beat. I honestly would take a high 3rd round pick as well. Maybe a team in the top 5-10 in the 3rd round. Flowers has shown that man coverage is a weakness for him so we might only get a 3rd for him.

  5. Josh Landers says:

    We’ll never get a 2nd for flowers. MAYBE a 3rd but with the size of his contract and his age, I don’t think we’ll get what we want for him. That being said, coop should be ready to start next season leaving flowers to cover the slot. Abdullah and Schwartz NEED to be resigned. Asamoah too if we can afford him. Jeff Allen sucks. He would be good depth but I would not like to see him starting. I would like to pick up a wr in the draft vs signing a fa. Maclins numbers have been declining over the past few years and he’s coming off a torn acl

    • Chiefs Martyball says:

      Flowers will bring that 1st he is under 30 (27) in the prime of his years also a pro bowler none the less also the Texans the Rams and possibly 4 other teams would want him there in a heart beat especially Dallas

  6. PunjabiPete says:

    I may get blasted for this, but I would keep Tyson Jackson. I think he is doing a nice job and would hold onto him. Most of the rest of your picks I agree with. Branden Albert is injury stricken, not his fault but it hurts us as a team, and yeah, he’s at that point where he wants to get PAID. McCluster is a dynamic player, and whoever he goes to, if he makes it there he’s gonna make us rethink getting rid of him, but I’d still let him walk. Flowers does seem to have maybe lost a step, but I am on the fence about letting him walk… he’s still the best corner we have, and there’s no guarantee we will pick up anything better with our picks.

  7. Chiefs Martyball says:

    I truely believe in building a DYNASTY here and to do so like so many other teams you do it through the DRAFT dont get me wrong I like all our players but for the greater overall I believe we could do this by trading cutting and restructuring
    Only if we could get Arizona or Miami on board with this to ensure they get alberts services Tag Albert and trade well that also puts his cap on us doesn’t it? I would be onboard for a 2nd and a replacement starter anywhere we need. Martin would prob be a back up and also could cut if needed. Trade Hali I know huge hole but Could use 1st rnd pick to replace or even a 2nd if we get low enough. Not going to be as productive but will learn and could move Houston to Hali’s side ie we didn’t know what we had in Houston either. Trade flowers for a 2nd and a 4th find his Taller replacement. I also agree on Berry could almost break the bank with him 1st 3rd and maybe swap another late rounder and or a player to boot. by my calculations this would help us this year and next in cap room to sign other significant players plus add the trading Daniel would give us possibly 2 1st rnders 3 2nd rndrs 2 3rd rndrs 2 4th rnders a 5th 2 6ths and a 7th plus two replacement players and cap room

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