Kansas City Chiefs: Let's Make A Deal

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The Kansas City Chiefs should have a busy off season ahead of them as it is certain several players who have been around awhile will not be re-signed.

The NFL off-season where dreams are made. Well at least that is what they want you to think, with every dream that is made a dream goes unfulfilled. With every opportunity given, one must be taken away.

I thought a good way to gather everyone’s thoughts on how the Chiefs should handle the off-season is with a game of Let’s Make a Deal. I will give you two opposite hypothetical scenarios and you have to pick the scenario that you would choose if you were one of the men pictured above.

The first set of scenarios involves how the Chiefs should handle Brandon Flowers, so let’s make a deal.

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8 Comments on Kansas City Chiefs: Let’s Make A Deal

  1. Austin New says:

    I really like the Hali, Scenario B. Throw in cutting or trading Flowers, and that would be a great move for the Chiefs!

    • Michael Tavis says:

      I also think trading Flowers and Cutting Hali both would be a great move for the Chiefs. It would be a tough move to make because both players have been great for the Chiefs even through the rough times but that is the kind of move that teams have to make to be Champions. Do what is in the best interest for the team and Brandon Flowers is a square peg in a round hole. Just doesn’t fit.

  2. freshmeat62 says:

    I don’t care for any of them. If somehow they could make a trade of their 1st rd pick and Hali and/or Flowers, for someone elses 1st and 2nd. Some combination to where the Chiefs get more early rd picks. Don’t get involved in FAgncy as it’s too easy to destroy the cap w/ it. As time goes by the cap problem in future years will take care of itself thru attrition. Stick w/ the draft to build and maintain the team. And watch the waiver wire, although if the Chiefs are successful thru the years, their position for getting people that way will be pretty slim.

    I would hate to lose Hali and his attitude, but he is at the age of diminishing returns. That was, I think, the biggest problem Hank Stram had when he was here. He couldn’t let go of his players who had been so good for him, and the team got old.

  3. Michael Lizalde says:

    Trade Flowers. Trade Hali. Both diminished last year. Hali is at a point where his production is dropping. He was a non factor when Houston was gone. Flowers is just playing in the wrong system. Time to cut bait instead of holding on. We need I win a championship and having the right players in place is required to do that!

    • Michael Tavis says:

      The problem with trading Hali is it is doubtful anyone would pick up his contract.

      • Michael Lizalde says:

        I agree. However pass rusher is a premium need and there are a handful of teams with 20+million in cap space. I don’t think finding a team would be as hard as getting the right pick. A first would probably be out if the question but a 2nd and 4th should be in line. Flowers should be a 2nd all day.

        • Michael Tavis says:

          The hold up isn’t so much not having the cap room its trading a pick and having to pay for his current contract. If Hali got traded he would have to restructure his contract. Nobody would pay that for a 30 year old pass rusher no matter how good they are. Hali has a cap hit of over $11 million dollars over the next two years. That is more than Clay Matthews and Matthews is 3 years younger. If there was any chance at trading Hali with his current contract we would likely only get a 5th round pick at best. Most likely a 6th. As for Flowers a 2nd round pick is right on par with what I was thinking. A small price to pay for an elite corner.

  4. Chuck Burrell says:

    There are a lot of moving parts in these scenarios. It would be tough for every aspect of just one of these scenarios to work.

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