Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Should The Kansas City Chiefs Draft A QB In 2014? Ron Jaworski Says Yes

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports


The Kansas City Chiefs have very little history of drafting quarterbacks, and even less history of success in that area.

ESPN.com recently put together a panel of their NFL analysts to do a series they title, “Top Offseason Questions.” The panel consists of Bill Polian, Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Herm Edwards, Louis Riddick, Ron Jaworski and Mike Sando.

They were brought together to touch on the top 50 issues heading into the offseason and one of Jaworski’s pieces touched on why the Kansas City Chiefs need to be looking at drafting a new quarterback in 2014.

“Alex Smith does outstanding things, but he’s a stop gap guy. As much as he helped the Chiefs and as well he’s played lately, I don’t look at him as a franchise guy.”

Jaworski feels that the Chiefs need to be looking for a replacement as soon as possible. He goes on to give a little credit saying,

“He (Smith) did a great job of calming things down after a season of turmoil in Kansas City in 2012.” Jaworski continues “the Chiefs need to look down the road.”

Jaworski rated Alex Smith as his 20th best quarter back in his annual pre-season rankings of players at the position. Jaws is a great analyst- considering the countless hours he spends watching film- but I take most of what he says with a grain of salt.

Sure, I agree the Chiefs need to always be looking for a quarterback, it’s a great philosophy to have and it’s one that Dorsey practiced well in Green Bay. But to say that Alex Smith is only a “stop gap”  after playing the way he played last season, isn’t exactly fair.

Smith lead the Chiefs to 6th best scoring offense with virtually no help aside from Jamaal Charles. He finished with a completion percentage of just over 60% and threw for 3,313 yards, 23 touchdowns and finished with a total QB rating of 89.1.

Oh and yeah, he was the Chiefs second leading rusher as well with 76 carries for 431 yards- giving him an average of 5.7 yards per carry. Pretty sure over half the league would love those kind of numbers from their quarterback.

Reality of it is this, Smith is entering his 10th season and isn’t getting any younger. At best, the Chiefs should get 5 solid years from him. Alex Smith could definitely be upgraded but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t be the answer for the Chiefs and a Super Bowl title.

Personally, I’m cheering for Alex Smith. I like his story and even after he had arguably the best season of his career, the experts still don’t believe in him. As Rodney Dangerfield used to say, “No respect!” I think their wouldn’t be a better story than Alex Smith coming to Kansas City as a cast off and winning it all. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

Note: you must be an ESPN Insider on their website to read the full article I just described. Heres the link for those of you who are insiders, and care to give it a read.

I’m curious though, what are your thoughts on Jaworski’s comments, and how do you feel about Alex Smith leading the way for the Chiefs in the future? Sound off below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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  • nathan82

    The problem with the national analysts, is that while many of them have great knowledge of the game of football, they have passing knowledge of the many teams. It is impossible to be an expert on all 32, so they develop talking points. This is a case of that. It makes no sense for the chiefs to draft a qb this year. None. Even if you are not a Smith fan, he is good enough for now. Use the picks to stock the parts of your roster that are lacking, like receiver and safety.

  • Travis Forsyth

    Yes, that is if you believe the QB of the future isn’t already on the chiefs roster, which I do. I firmly believe that Tyler Bray is the future of the Kansas City Chiefs.

    • freshmeat62

      I’m not going to give a definite “is” the next QB of the Chiefs, but I think Bray has the physical tools to be really good. If he can learn from Smith for 3-4 years, maybe. I wouldn’t spend a high pick on a QB, but if Dorsey/Reid see someone they thing they can develop, yeah, go for it.

      As for the “insider” of ESPN – BS! You guys at AA, and hundreds of others are just as, if not more, knowledgeable as the so called national experts. The only one I think may have an inside connection is Adam Shefter (sp). When he was w/ NFL network he usually had some pretty good insight. Way better than Mortenson. I think that guy is a hack. But still, I’m not going to pay for it, they’re not that good.

  • digbeatdude

    I don’t pay a lot of attention to Jaw’s analysis. His quote beginning of last season…”I truly believe Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever,”. “I love his skill set. I think the sky’s the limit.” How’s that working out so far?

    That said, all teams should be developing talent to push their starters and to insure long term success. The Chiefs should be in good hands at the quarterback position at least for 2-3 years with Alex.

    • antony555

      You might be hitting the trail mix kap is alright but there are plenty young pass throwers in the league better and soon will be many more, if with the talent of the 9ners you have to fight after losing to turn in a respectable season then something is wrong. Look at who beat you and the poor play of the QB position at that point.
      There is no team in the NFL you don’t match up with, face it coach and GM made a mistake letting Alex go at the time, kap would have been a helavu lot better now playing behind Alex for a couple of years he’s not mature enough at this point. Cam’s teammates mellowed him out to this point. Its good to love yourself but kissing your biceps each time you make a play
      .If Montana are Young had done that they would have called delay of game, are Rice people would have hated them, they acted like they had done it before.
      If the kid had a quarter of the work ethic as Rice did he would be unstoppable, and that is why I said he should have played behInd Alex for a couple of seasons, and learned how to work..

  • shayaan

    jaworski also said he thinks kaepernick could be the greatest QB of all time. the guy clearly loses touch with reality after watching as much film as he does. alex is still only 29 and could very well be the answer for the chiefs for the next 3-5 years. the idea that he’s not a “franchise” QB is ridiculous – leadership, consistency, and command of the offense all make someone a franchise QB, and alex has those qualities in spades. i’d still take him over kaepernick any day of the week and twice on sundays.

    • Jim Harper

      Well said. Jaws is good for one thing. Shooting his mouth off without thinking. I am a firm believer in Alex Smith. I was on board from day one and he just got better and better every game. It was a shame that our defense let him down when he played maybe the best game of his career. He is our franchise QB for the immediate future, and Dorsey and Reid will take care of the future whether it be Bray or someone else I certainly trust their ability to put the best possible team together.

  • JimHarbaughsguys

    The same guy said that Kap would be the best QB of all time. Anybody see the end of the Raven Super Bowl or the last NFC Title game? Kap had open guys in both, and chose to throw it to the only covered guy.

    So…yeah. He isn’t that smart. I’d listen to what he says, and do the opposite.

  • Suzi Conger

    Jaws also was quoted in 2013 ” Kaepernick is the best QB ever in NFL”…. what a joke jaws!!!!

    • antony555

      The guy is not as good as Cam Newton, and never will be…

      • Suzi Conger

        you are right! krappernick is not near as good as cam newton!!

        • antony555

          I am an Alex fan, so that Jaw’s comment about best ever he must have for took in a cocktail are two.
          Making statements like that really take away from your creditability if he had any in the first place.. Also kap and Alex are apples and oranges no one gave Alex credit, if kap went through what Alex did he may have quit playing, and can’t keep his mouth shut now, win something before opening it and letting people know what kind of idiot you are with all that talent he has and the entire team has windows shut, you have cap space for a couple of years then have to let guys go tight at the pentacle of their careers and another team benefits..

        • antony555

          Suzi I am a tried and true Chiefs fan, Go Chiefs but over the years West Coast would have to be Montana lead 9ners, then coming to K C Dream come true if only for a short time proved the point with our teams we only needed an Elite QB…