Jan 31, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos helmets are on display with the Vince Lombardi Trophy prior to a press conference at Rose Theater in advance of Super Bowl XLVIII. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl 48: A Chiefs Fan Perspective

This is it, Super Sunday, the most coveted day in the NFL and Super Bowl 48 kicks off tonight at 5:30 PM CDT. Like most Super Bowls, both teams have a unique story on how they got to the big game. For the Broncos, it obviously starts with their signing of Peyton Manning two years ago. For the Seahawks, it starts with how well they’ve drafted and pieced together one of the better defense’s in recent history.

But the most unique part of it for me, and most Chiefs fans, is that these two teams used to be division rivals. Seattle has only been back in the NFC since 2002, when the NFL introduced the Houston Texans, giving the league an even number of teams again. Personally, I cannot stand either team going back to the days of Ricky Waters for the Seahawks and John Elway of the Broncos.

I’ve consistently been asked over the last two weeks, “who do you like in the Super Bowl?” well, I don’t “like” either of them but if you’re asking me who do I want to win? I’ll have to say the Seahawks, only because there isn’t one part of me that can cheer for the Broncos. For me, I don’t hold much of a grudge against Seattle, considering they moved on to the NFC. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t cheer against them, as I did all season and through out the play offs. However, I’d much rather see them win their first Super Bowl then have to stomach watching my most hated team win a third in my lifetime.

If the Broncos win, so be it, it’s not like they wouldn’t deserve it. Peyton Manning is a machine who’s on a mission to hoist another trophy and it very well could happen. Heck, according to Vegas it’s supposed to happen. But today, I’m pulling for Seattle hoping that they can send the Donkey’s home crying and hopefully Manning stepping one foot closer to retirement.

So who do you got and what are some of the memories you have about these two rivals? Happy Super Bowl Sunday you NFL fans, enjoy the game!

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