September 20, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco Giants relief pitcher Brad Penny (31) pitches the ball against the Colorado Rockies during the ninth inning at AT

WalkOff Talk: Arbitration, Brad Penny, and Escorts

WalkOff Talk is back with another episode and it is about as crazy as you’ve come to expect.

The write-up:

The keywords for Episode 12: Escorts, Arbitration, Doritos, Twitter.

Ben and Audra waste literally zero time before getting awkward in this episode. Audra gets a little mixed up with some important terminology, flustering Ben just a tad. Later on, Ben expertly explains arbitration in what is probably dizzying detail because Audra has a thousand questions about how it works. Then the pair answers some questions that were thrown at @WalkOffTalk on Twitter this week, and Audra names who or what she thinks would play second base better than Chris Getz (hint: it’s a what).

*Bonus: Audra’s dog makes his first appearance on the show since Episode 1!

In this episode…

0:00 – “Just get to the music. Start the music!”

2:30 – How Was Your Week, Audra?

10:49 – Arbitration Everything

37:36 – Twitter Question(s)

52:26 – What Did You Learn This Week, Audra?

57:35 – Good-bye

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FIND/CONTACT US (One catch: Audra requests you don’t be creepy.)

Ben: @bdn723
Audra: @audra_marvin
Twitter: @WalkOffTalk
Email: [email protected]

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