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Andy Reid, Alex Smith, and Kansas City Chiefs Beat the Odds

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After this long, dreadful weekend following the ending point of the Chiefs season, are you filled with anger about adding another year to the postseason skid? Or, are you excited about the things we have accomplished this year, and are looking forward to seeing the damage we can do next season?

Back in January of 2013, the Kansas City Chiefs hired a new head coach: Andy Reid. What seemed like right away, Coach Reid went out and found the perfect quarterback for his “West-Coast” offensive scheme. With the acquisition of QB Alex Smith, there was skepticism about whether or not the Reid/Smith duo was what KC needed.

When the 2013 Season Win Totals came out, the Chiefs Over/Under sat at 7 wins (Bovada). Even after adding a new GM, coach, franchise QB, and taking Eric Fisher with the number one overall pick in the draft, the odds still said that the Kansas City Chiefs could only win 7 games in the 2013 season.

On June 10, 2013, Matt Stein of Bleacher Report wrote an article on every NFL team, giving his predictions for their upcoming seasons. Here is what he had to say about the Chiefs;

Many expected the Kansas City Chiefs to challenge for AFC West honors last year. Obviously, that didn’t happen as the Chiefs finished tied for the worst record in the NFL. The reason so many people thought the Chiefs would be competitive was due to how much talent they have all over the field. Both sides of the ball are brimming with legitimate All-Pro candidates including Jamaal Charles, Justin Houston, Eric Berry and Dwayne Bowe. With new head coach Andy Reid in town, it’s hard to imagine this team under-performing this year. However, they’ll still struggle to make the playoffs as Reid still works on getting his specific type of players into Kansas City. Look for the Chiefs to be much improved from last year, but still on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. Final Record: 7-9

With the Chiefs finishing the season 11-5, they surpassed all of the expectations set for them, and completely triumphed the odds! Only 15 teams in the NFL surpassed the number set for their O/U season win totals, and 11 out of those 15 made the playoffs this January, including the Chiefs! Also, we were 1 of only 3 teams to beat the set line by 4+ games (Arizona Cardinals & Carolina Panthers did as well).

This is very promising considering the fact that it was only the first season under coach Reid and, even after a heart-breaking lost to the Colts, there are many great things that lie ahead. Bettors who believed in KC, are happily rolling in dough, just as Chiefs fans should be rolling in the excitement of what’s to come next season…GREATNESS!

Chiefs fans….What are your thoughts about the past season?

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  • PGA GM

    Our arrowhead is pointing upward for sure!

  • SRF

    I’m PROUD to be a chiefs fan. I started watching the Chiefs back in 1968 as a young boy and have enjoyed the ups and downs. True Chief fans bleed Chiefs red and Gold!! Thank you to the players for giving everything they had each and every week. Thanks to the coaches and the Hunt family. We have it going right again and I look forward to the years to come. GO Chiefs and Chiefs Kingdom. I miss now living out of state, getting to go to the games with all the crazy people like me.

    • Austin New

      I am glad that you are a true fan. There aren’t very many of us. I salute you!

  • Mike Person

    I like Andy Reid and the Chiefs, but even though it was a good year, who did they beat? The NFC East (wow) – I know they beat the Eagles, but that was early. They also beat Oakland twice, Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Buffalo and Cleveland. Most decent teams could have won 10-11 games with that schedule. But the biggest problem is Alex Smith. Don’t be fooled. He managed to convert one third down against Indy in the 2nd half. You CANNOT win a championship with Alex Smith. I said it when he was in San Fran, and again now. Please get a real QB.

    • Austin New

      I understand that our schedule might not have been the toughest, or most competitive, but that is no reason to be negative about the season. Think of it this way. Everybody is so high on the Denver Broncos, but 12 of our 14 opponents (not including the 2 games against the Broncos), were also on Denver’s 2013 schedule. So we had almost the same schedule as them, yet nobody said anything about how “easy” Denver’s schedule was. If you give us the game in San Diego which we should have won, then we only have one less win then the “Oh So Good” Denver Broncos. As a fan, that makes me happy!

      • Mike Person

        You’re right about Denver. But Denver has been dominating, so there is a difference. But anytime you win 11 games, you are a good team. My BIG problem is Alex Smith. I am a NY Giants fan, and two years ago in the playoffs, it was very simple. If the Giants didn’t make a mistake, they would win. I knew that going in. Because Alex Smith can’t make a play when he has to. Eli Manning took a ton of sacks instead of throwing carelessly. Because he knew the Giants would get the ball back again. Did you know that Alex Smith was 25-27 for 304 yds and 4 TD’s – and then he was benched (after an injury). Has anyone ever put up those number and lost their job. Kaepernick was good when he came in, but not great. But Harbaugh knew he had a chance with Kaepernick, and NO CHANCE with Smith. That’s KC’s problem. They are going to fall in love with Smith’s numbers vs Indy, without realizing he couldn’t make one big 3rd down play in the 2nd half.