Dec 7, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Missouri Tigers offensive linesman Max Copeland (61) and quarterback James Franklin (1) walk off the field after losing the 2013 SEC Championship game against the Auburn Tigers at Georgia Dome. Auburn won 59-42. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Live Thread: Missouri Tigers vs Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl (This. Is. Happening.)

I know what you are all thinking: If only there was a website doing a live blog of the Missouri Tigers vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys Cotton Bowl game so that I may follow along and comment when compelled to do so. Well, holy crap are you in luck! We, KC Kingdom, are doing such a thing tonight! LIVE!

Both teams in this game are coming off gut-wrenching losses. Mizzou lost in the SEC title game in which they gave up 545 rushing yards to Auburn. Oklahoma State lost a defacto Big 12 championship game with a brutal last second loss to Oklahoma. Each will be looking to rebound and gain back some of the promise the season once held.

Missouri is going to have another tough test trying to stop the Cowboys ground game. While they are no Auburn, OSU is averaging 172 yards per game on the ground, and has used that to bolster a passing game that is ranked 29th in the nation. The question for the Cowboys is how consistent will their quarterback play be? Clint Chelf and J.W. Walsh split duties as the starting quarterbacks this year, but neither had resounding success. What kind of play OSU gets from their quarterback will dictate whether this game is close or not.

This game has a lot of potential to get out of hand quickly if OSU isn’t ready out of the gates. Missouri has one of the most potent offenses in the country, and can rack up points very quickly.

So let’s get this thing started. And in the words of Mr. O’Reilly: We’ll do it live!

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177 Comments on Live Thread: Missouri Tigers vs Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl (This. Is. Happening.)

  1. Ben Nielsen says:

    To the best of my knowledge, I have never killed a person.

    Let’s get this thing started!

  2. Joel Wagler says:

    Should be an excellent game

  3. Aaron Reese says:

    Let’s do it live!

  4. Joel Wagler says:

    Ben, did you lose your phone again?

  5. Ben Nielsen says:

    Prediction: Mizzou 45, OSU 38

  6. Ben Nielsen says:

    “Home of the Chiefs” could be heard during the national anthem because… well there is no good reason for it.

  7. Ben Nielsen says:

    RT @DavidUbben Tough to tell the fan breakdown. Thought Mizzou would have more tonight, but it’s close. Probably 55-45 OSU. Very few open seats.

  8. Ben Nielsen says:

    We are
    We are
    We are
    We are
    We are…

  9. Ben Nielsen says:

    If you repeat something enough, it sounds cool. Or something.

  10. Ben Nielsen says:

    This intro needs more Train.

  11. Ben Nielsen says:

    Gus Johnson throwing out the “M-I-Z” … that was cool.

  12. Joel Wagler says:

    I have a question. When did all this Zoo stuff start? Did it come with the SEC membership?

  13. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mizzou wins the toss, elects to score first.

    I anticipate zero defense in this game.

  14. Ben Nielsen says:

    RT @Speck60 Only terrorists don’t like Gus Johnson.

  15. Ben Nielsen says:

    And here. we. go.

  16. Joel Wagler says:

    Cowboys decided to go with their most plain uniforms in their closets.

  17. Ben Nielsen says:

    James Franklin just earned a cheap flag to earn 15 yards on top of a long run. That works.

  18. Joel Wagler says:

    Nice start by OSU

  19. Joel Wagler says:

    Franklin should have kept that one

  20. Joel Wagler says:

    I always decide to flush

  21. Joel Wagler says:


  22. Ben Nielsen says:

    3rd and 12. Franklin’s pass tipped and intercepted. Not an ideal start.

  23. Aaron Reese says:

    Mizzou should stop being bad at football.

  24. Joel Wagler says:

    DGB should have caught one!

  25. Joel Wagler says:

    It’s got to be said..Clint “Top” Chelf

  26. Ben Nielsen says:

    EJ Gaines is going to make some nice cash in the NFL soon.

  27. Ben Nielsen says:

    “Kill it dead.” – Not Gus Johnson

    Just let Gus talk more, please.

  28. Joel Wagler says:

    MU dodged an early bullet

  29. Ben Nielsen says:

    I’m anticipating a Josey screen right here. Seems like a good time to do it.

  30. Ben Nielsen says:

    RT @NFLDraftScout Speaking of cornerbacks, I have EJ Gaines ranked in the late first round too. #CottonBowl

  31. Joel Wagler says:

    Missouri’s unis are like watching the game in 3D. They just POP!

  32. Ben Nielsen says:

    That’s a catch.

  33. Ben Nielsen says:

    I hope there is a big enough screen in that building to determine if it was a catch or not.

  34. Ben Nielsen says:

    Call reversed, it’s a catch. Hooray.

  35. Ben Nielsen says:

    Aaaaaaaand Franking immediately throws a pick. But there’s a flag…

  36. Ben Nielsen says:

    PI on OSU. Big break for Mizzou.

  37. Joel Wagler says:

    Easy call. I’m 500 miles away and I saw it

  38. Aaron Reese says:

    Wow…that was a blatant penalty.

  39. Ben Nielsen says:

    Everything from Franklin is high right now.

  40. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mizzou should do more of the running thing.

  41. Joel Wagler says:

    Man, MU is going to be really good next year.

  42. Ben Nielsen says:

    Man, I hope they can get this field flipped in time for the Dallas Cowboys playoff game this weekend. …

  43. Ben Nielsen says:

    Shots fired! RT @RockChalkBlog It looks like missouri’s logo has feathers coming out the back. Can’t blame them for wanting to be more like Kansas

  44. Ben Nielsen says:

    Oh man, that looks gross. Pretty sure that guy just snapped his leg in half.

  45. Ben Nielsen says:

    Ah man, poor kid.

  46. Joel Wagler says:

    It is hard to believe it has been six years since KU lost to MU and got to go to a BCS game anyway. It was such a perfect system…

    • Joel Wagler says:

      I think MU won out in the end. They have won more SEC games this season than KU has won Big 12 games since.

  47. Ben Nielsen says:

    OSU’s offense has been a disaster early. Mizzou has clearly made some early adjustments to the running game over the last four weeks.

  48. Ben Nielsen says:

    Oh. Hello, Mr. Murphy.

  49. Ben Nielsen says:

    Another dropped pass by a Mizzou receiver. Are the Chiefs wide receivers playing for Mizzou today?

  50. Joel Wagler says:

    Man, Mu receivers can’t get open in space. OSU secondary has been awesome so far.

  51. Ben Nielsen says:

    Franklin had Lucas wide open but missed him by about 70,714 feet. Approximately.

  52. Ben Nielsen says:

    Franklin is 1-of-8 for 7 yards. Yikes.

  53. chiefridgy says:

    FU MU !!!

  54. Joel Wagler says:

    EJ Big Play Gaines

  55. Ben Nielsen says:

    Chelf with a terrifying interception. Terrifying. How the hell do you throw that pass??

  56. KYChiefsFan says:

    Time for a steady dose of Josey

  57. Joel Wagler says:

    Pinkel may consider putting in Mauk to give Franklin a chance to to settle down.

  58. Ben Nielsen says:

    RT #rockmnation Defense playing like it has something to prove after that SECCG.

  59. Ben Nielsen says:


  60. Joel Wagler says:

    MU not even trying to run the ball

  61. Joel Wagler says:

    It feels as if this game has been on forever and there are still 5 minutes left in the 1st quarter. I’m going to miss my bedtime

  62. Joel Wagler says:

    Where in the world was Franklin throwing that ball.

  63. Ben Nielsen says:

    That was needed.

  64. Ben Nielsen says:

    Catch. Somehow.

  65. Ben Nielsen says:

    This game may last 7 hours.

  66. Ben Nielsen says:

    That’s two late hits on OSU in this quarter. It’s as if they are doing it on purpose.

  67. Ben Nielsen says:


  68. KYChiefsFan says:

    OSU and Auburn like to tackle Josey out of bounds

  69. Joel Wagler says:

    TD MU

  70. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mizzou runs the ball, Mizzou scores. Stunned.

  71. Ben Nielsen says:

    Special teams are a problem.

  72. Ben Nielsen says:


  73. Joel Wagler says:

    Well, that was an ugly defensive series for MU

  74. Ben Nielsen says:

    Not sure what the safety was trying to do there. Escort him to the endzone maybe?

  75. Ben Nielsen says:

    Special teams are doing Mizzou no favors in the last five minutes.

  76. Ben Nielsen says:

    Not sure how Chelf got that ball there.

  77. Ben Nielsen says:

    Ponder! That play was needed.

  78. Ben Nielsen says:

    Delay of game on OSU. That’s embarrassing….

  79. Joel Wagler says:

    Didn’t help him too much

  80. Ben Nielsen says:

    Clank! Games stays tied.

  81. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mauk is in.

  82. Joel Wagler says:

    I think the time keeper stopped the clock after every play. That 1st quarter took for-ever!

  83. Joel Wagler says:

    Coming back

  84. Joel Wagler says:

    Look at Maty go!

  85. Ben Nielsen says:

    Whoa, Mauk! Where did that come from?

  86. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mauk is trolling OSU now.

  87. Joel Wagler says:

    Look at Maty go again

  88. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mauk. Wow.

  89. Ben Nielsen says:

    Can’t throw a much better ball than that.

    And how does OSU let a guy get behind them like that?

  90. Ben Nielsen says:

    EJ Gaines. Good lord.

  91. Ben Nielsen says:

    Chelf just overthrew a wide open Stuart, who would have scored. Chelf is horrible.

  92. Joel Wagler says:

    Missouri settling down nicely in the second quarter

  93. Ben Nielsen says:

    Ealy. Dude is going to maybe be a top 10 pick in the draft.

  94. Ben Nielsen says:

    Franklin back at QB for no reason.

  95. Ben Nielsen says:

    And suddenly the Tigers can’t move the ball again. Three and out.

  96. Ben Nielsen says:

    I will say Franklin looks better when his receivers actually catch the ball.

  97. Ben Nielsen says:

    DGB should have gotten a call there. Looked like he got held.

  98. Ben Nielsen says:

    Franklin doing his best Maty Mauk impression.

  99. Ben Nielsen says:

    Someone made a field goal!

  100. Ben Nielsen says:

    Halftime = Nap time

  101. chiefridgy says:

    FU MU!

  102. Joel Wagler says:

    Missouri hasn’t really moved the ball since Mauk left the game

  103. Ben Nielsen says:

    So, I’m back. TV is out, but Internet is back. This should be interesting.

  104. Joel Wagler says:

    What happened to the TV

  105. Ben Nielsen says:

    Catching up. Good to see I haven’t missed anything.

  106. Ben Nielsen says:

    Why is James Franklin still in this game?

  107. Joel Wagler says:

    Uhhh, Coach Pinkel. Enough is enough. Get Mauk back in the game.

  108. Ben Nielsen says:

    It appears Franklin is mindf*cked.

  109. KYChiefsFan says:

    We let these guys hang around too long – needed to score and put them away

  110. Ben Nielsen says:


  111. Ben Nielsen says:

    Oh boy…

  112. Ben Nielsen says:

    Well that was needed. Mizzou has to score here or they are in trouble.

  113. Ben Nielsen says:

    RT @McGregs85 I’ve been playing this game where I read my timeline and try to guess the Missouri & Oklahoma State score. It’s pretty fun.

  114. Ben Nielsen says:

    Oh James… He really doesn’t deserve to go out like this.

  115. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mizzou is incredibly lucky for this game to only be tied.

  116. Ben Nielsen says:

    OSU corner Patmon used to be a Jayhawk. So….

  117. Joel Wagler says:

    They should have been running more all game

  118. Ben Nielsen says:

    Henry Josey. Touchdown. In my head it was an amazing run. My computer just says 25-yard run.

  119. Ben Nielsen says:

    Believe it or not, Mizzou has had more rushes in this game than passes. Averaging 5.5 per rush, 3.9 per pass.

  120. Ben Nielsen says:

    I saw the gif of Josey’s touchdown (it’s on this post now). Dude is FAST.

  121. Ben Nielsen says:

    Here comes the shootout…

  122. Joel Wagler says:

    Oh my goodness James Franklin

  123. Joel Wagler says:

    Wow, MU dodged a bus sized bullet there

  124. Ben Nielsen says:

    I feel like I’m watching* the Chiefs game 24 hours early.

    *By watching, I mean following online.

  125. KYChiefsFan says:

    Bring back Maty

  126. Ben Nielsen says:

    I am so confused right now.

  127. Joel Wagler says:

    If MU loses this game, Franklin is going to have nightmares about this one.

  128. Joel Wagler says:

    How come Patmon never played this well for KU

  129. Ben Nielsen says:

    Good for Baggett. He deserved that one.

  130. Ben Nielsen says:

    Whatever happens, it’s Gus Johnson’s fault.

  131. Joel Wagler says:

    MU’s defense continues to get shredded

  132. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mizzou’s defense has been on the field for 15! different drives. Think about that. You cannot blame the defense for this.

  133. Ben Nielsen says:

    DGB with the huge third down catch! Also, I HAVE TV AGAIN!

  134. Ben Nielsen says:

    Josey is decent at football.

  135. KYChiefsFan says:

    Need you to step up one more time D

  136. Ben Nielsen says:

    No idea how Chelf completed that pass.

  137. Ben Nielsen says:

    These officials have no idea what a catch looks like.

  138. Ben Nielsen says:

    That’s not a catch, by the way.

  139. Joel Wagler says:

    I’m not sure Missouri could stop KU’s offense…

  140. Ben Nielsen says:

    Chelf is going to throw a pick.

  141. Ben Nielsen says:


  142. Joel Wagler says:

    Wow! What an ending. MU has come up with big turnovers all season.

  143. Ben Nielsen says:

    Gus Johnson tho… Killed this game.

  144. Ben Nielsen says:

    Great win for Mizzou. Should be big for them heading into the winter recruiting season.

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