Dec 10, 2013; Gainesville, FL, USA; Kansas Jayhawks guard Andrew Wiggins (22) reacts against the Florida Gators during the second half at Stephen C. O

So Lets Talk About this Picture of Andrew Wiggins and Kanye West

So first LeBron James is wearing Kansas City Chiefs gear and now Kanye West is chilling with Andrew Wiggins. Who says the heartland is boring?

First of all: Yeezus, is that Wiggins in a vintage Houston Rockets hat? Okay, that’s pretty nice. One of the better fashion choices by Wiggins to date, really. Much better than the afro decision.

Before you go all conspiracy theory with the Rockets gear, know that Andrew’s dad, Mitchell, played for the Rockets from 1984-1987 so there’s already a family connection with the team. As a rule, it makes sense for Andrew to have on Rockets or Bulls – the first team Mitchell played for – gear on.

As for the setting of the picture, Wiggins is back in Canada for the holidays and that happened to correspond with Kanye West’s tour, which is in Toronto for two days (December 22-23). So like you do when Kanye is in town, you go backstage and hang out with Kanye. You know, like a normal people. Tough life you’ve got going for you, Andrew. Tough life.

If there is a conspiracy here, one has to wonder if Kanye laid some ground work for trying land a shoe deal with Wiggins. Kanye designs a line of shoes for Adidas, and may be interested in picking up Wiggins to design his shoes once he goes to the NBA in a few months. That’d be an interesting shoe design and a pretty big get for Adidas.

My last thought from this picture is whether or not Wiggins got to meet Kim Kardashian. If so, was she wearing a vintage Houston Rockets hat, too, or was she awkwardly riding around on a motorcycle?

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