Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles (25) catches a 71 yard touchdown pass against the Oakland Raiders in the third quarter at O.co Coliseum. The Chiefs defeated the Raiders 56-31. (Cary Edmondson, USA TODAY Sports)

Three Thoughts: Kansas City Chiefs Beat the Oakland Raiders

Jamaal Charles, Chiefs’ Leading Receiver

The Oakland Raiders played a decent game today, but there developed a glaring hole in their game plan. Jamaal Charles was able to rack up 195 passing yards on 8 catches and 4 touchdowns, including 20 rushing yards and another touchdown. Charles became the first running back in NFL history with 4 scores on passing plays.

The accomplishment came from a combination of hardly anyone covering Charles, good blocking by the Chiefs’ linemen, and Charles’ ridiculous speed. The second of Charles’ touchdown catches was helped massively by Jeff Allen’s downfield block, when one Raider stumbled into another essentially clearing the final 20 yards.

Charles is the best player on the Kansas City offense, no questions. Get him the ball as much as possible. If that means letting him explode from the open lateral, let him do it. Let’s just hope that in future games the wide receivers will get open, because opponents aren’t going to allow Charles a chance to catch many passes after a day like this.


New Kind of Defense

It’s another Sunday where the Chiefs’ defense was unable to acquire a sack. After finishing the first half of the season leading the league in sacks, the Chiefs have fallen to third. Not terrible, but when you remember that they were setting mid-season sack records back in Week 8, it makes you simultaneously in awe and envious of those October days

However today featured the Chiefs’ new favorite form of defense: the interception. They picked off the Raider quarterbacks five times, which gives them 20 interceptions on the season. The pass rush may not have gotten to the quarterback, but it affected the passes of Matt McGloin in particular. Would you rather have sacks or the interceptions? The sack allows the opposing team to keep the ball while the interception stops the opposing team completely. I’d take the picks.


Back Where They Belong

With the win over the rival Raiders (I love it when the Chiefs beat the Raiders), the Kansas City Chiefs are now guaranteed a spot in the playoffs!!! At this time last year, there was no possible hope of such a rememberable and successful season. Andy Reid will forever be a genius in my eyes. Jamaal Charles will become legend to my future children. The defense of 2013 will be the measure of Chiefs’ defense for years to come.

Not since the days of 2010/11 have the Chiefs been considered one of the top twelve teams. This time around, it looks like a lock that the Chiefs will visit the Indianapolis Colts in the Wild Card round. Funny enough, the Colts come to Arrowhead this coming Sunday. The Chiefs need to collect as much data as they can, without showing all their secret weapons.

What a fantastic year to be a Chiefs fan!


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