Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Knile Davis (34) carries the ball past Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Wilson (26) and Redskins outside linebacker Ryan Kerrigan (91) to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter at FedEx Field. The Chiefs won 45-10. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Postgame: Chiefs Crush Washington, 45-10


Score: Chiefs 45, Washington 10

It was over when: Dexter McCluster returned a punt 74 yards for a touchdown to give the Chiefs a 31-0 lead midway through the second quarter.

Player of the Game: McCluster had a great day returning punts, and Quintin Demps had a 95 yard kick return touchdown of his own.

Fun Fact: With two sacks, Tamba Hali passed Art Still for third on the Chiefs all-time sacks list.



1. Special Teams

Two touchdowns and great field position all day helped give the Chiefs an early lead and supplement the blowout.

2. Jamaal Charles

159 total yards and two touchdowns for the NFL’s best running back not named Adrian Peterson.

3. Pressure

Hey, there’s the pass rush we’ve been missing! KC’s defense returned with a force, accumulating six sacks, four quarterback hits, and several other pressures and hurries. Not everything is fixed, but the defense looked more like the one we saw in the first nine weeks as opposed to the last three weeks.




1. Third Down Offense

The Chiefs were 2-11 of third down in the game. Not that it mattered, but that’s pretty terrible third down efficiency.

2. Big Passing Plays

Washington was able to complete three more passes against the Chiefs secondary of 20 yards or more, including a 30 yarder to Aldrick Robinson.

3. 50

The Chiefs did not break 50 points in the game, which made me upset because I really wanted to break 50 against Mike Shanahan just to rub it in. I suppose 45 will have to do.


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6 Comments on The Postgame: Chiefs Crush Washington, 45-10

  1. Mark Bustamante says:

    The CHIEFS looked good. Not great but good. Andy had the team ready to play. Next Sunday will be interesting to watch. I’m hopeful that they can clinch a playoff spot tomorrow

  2. DXW says:

    Damn, the Chiefs are great when they play bad teams.

    • Josh Michaels says:

      Lol so do the Broncos..

      • Josh Michaels says:

        You’re such a troll DXW! I see you comment on Seattle and Patriot threads all the time. Lol your irrogamce for the Broncos cracks me up.

        You remind me of KU fans here in KC, great regular season team, talk major smack only to see their hopes and dreams crushed and end up looking a fool.

        I tip my cap to the Donkeys, they have a special season going but don’t sit there and say there’s no way Seattle, or anyone for that matter, will beat the Donkeys. Good luck and good health down the stretch and hope to see a third match which I’m sure you’ll say, “No way KC can win that game.”

        • DXW says:

          A troll? No, I’d be a troll if I’d been wrong, and I wasn’t. Actually, I haven’t been wrong yet. Before the first Denver game, I said KC would lose the next three and everyone said I was crazy and a troll. I might give you crazy, but since I was right about KC, Troll doesn’t really fit… I think I prefer prophet.

          KC did play a hell of a game yesterday, but I find it funny how the crazy chefs fans all slime their way out of the sewers to claim that they are “elite” again, when all the Chiefs did was kick the crutches out from under a team that is in the worst spot of any team in the league.

          Washington is falling apart from the top down. They showed up to that game because the NFL didn’t give them a choice, while the Chiefs came in on a mission to prove that they could win again. The Redskins didn’t exactly play their ‘A’ game, or their ‘B’ game, or even their ‘C’ game. They just wanted to leave the stadium and go home and forget their season. That is who the mighty chiefs “beat” on Sunday.

          There’s always a chance KC or Seattle can beat Denver. I can’t visualize it with KC since they’ve played twice, and only barely had a chance at Arrowhead, which they won’t play at again this year. Seattle would be tough if Denver had to play them in Seattle, but they don’t, and it’s obvious to anyone who watches those games that Seattle is a different team on the road. Personally, I think KC’s defense is better than Seattle’s, and Denver shredded KC fairly easily.

          • Josh Michaels says:

            Bahahaha we slime out of our sewers. I don’t think anyone has once said “elite” after destroying the Skins’ but you are the definition of an Internet troll. You leave your donkey mark on everyone’s threads across this great FanSided Network.

            I can definitely tell you are knowledgable of the NFL and I can respect that, but irrogance will translate in to ignorance eventually.

            As I said before, good health and good luck down the stretch. I enjoy this rivalry that’s brewing DXW.. I truly do.

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