Dec 1, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker (87) catches a pass as Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Cooper (31) attempts to defend during the first half of the game at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Postgame: Decker's 4 TDs Help Broncos Past Chiefs


Score: Broncos 35, Chiefs 28

It was over when: Alex Smith threw an interception in the end zone from the two-yard-line on the first drive of the game. KC ended up losing by seven.

Player of the Game: Eric Decker had 174 yards receiving and four touchdown catches. Two of those TDs were against Brandon Flowers and the other two were against Marcus Cooper.



1. Passing Game

Finding big plays in the passing game is starting to show up for the Chiefs. Denver is missing some people, so in some ways that was apart of the success, but Kansas City looks much better in the passing game than they did in the first half of the season.

2. Special Teams

Aside from the Dexter McCluster goof, special teams were tremendous today. Hemingway had  a few great tackles, and Knile Davis had a 108-yard touchdown return.

3. Competitive

KC beat themselves as much as Denver beat them. It means nothing in the win-loss category, I understand that. But Kansas City has the ability to beat good teams. Getting healthy and rediscovering their pass rush have to be the top two priorities the next four weeks.




1. Red Zone Interception

Alex Smith’s interception in the end zone to start the game changed everything. The margin for error to win games against teams as good as Denver is so small that things like that are absolute killers.

2. Big Plays

Eric Decker had three long catches, Demaryius Thomas had a 77-yard catch, Knowshon Moreno had a long catch and run, and Wes Welker had a 20-yard catch. Way too many big plays allowed.

3. Drops

All the drops. All the freaking drops.


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  • Frank

    With backs like AS11 and JC25, I don’t know why we feel the need to throw so much inside the 5. We’ve got a good blocker with Sherman. In that zone, we need to assert our running game and put it into the end zone. We have too many drops/INTs/knock downs/off throws.

  • Larry Devore

    just hope KC makes the playoffs. they need to get at least 11 wins. after starting out 9-0, thought they would have secured a playoff spot by now.

    • tm1946

      Have no desire to see this team in the playoffs. In reality, this team is not a good 6 win team. We need to finish the season, evaluate coaching and players, get ready for next year. Why, because this team is done for 2013.

      • Jim Harper

        Why don’t you just move to Denver? You are a real prick!

      • Josh Michaels

        Lol ignorance. How do you even live life with that kind of attitude?. This team won 9 games in a row and that wasn’t by fluke. Have they fallen on hard times? Yes, but that doesn’t mean you scrap this season and call them a garbage 6 win team.. Just ignorance.

  • DXW

    “KC beat themselves as much as Denver beat them.”

    HA HA HA!! If you really think that, you should probably watch the game again. KC came out rolling, and they probably played their best game of the year. I think what you’re seeing is not the Chiefs failing to perform up to their abilities, it’s the Chiefs playing against a much better team, which has been proven twice now in three weeks. Sorry, but it’s time you Chief fans deal with that fact.

    Even I was surprised by how well the Chiefs played, and I’ve known they were total pretenders since week 5. But they actually looked like a decent team at the start. I couldn’t believe it. Of course, I wasn’t too worried. Even with Denver missing so many starters on defense, I knew their second stringers were just as good if not better than KC’s starters, and I was right… as usual.

    Just imagine how embarrassing this game would’ve been for the Chiefs if DRC, Holiday, Wolfe, and DT were all healthy.

    BTW… Cute puppies.

    • jayhwk01

      KC did not beat KC. They got beat by an incredible performance by the best QB in the league. I though the Chiefs offense played very well overall and I cannot see how anybody thinks that this game was lost by the redzone INT. There was a lot of game played after that play happened. KC was 1-11 at this time last year for perspective. They are nowhere near pretenders at 9-3. That is just ridiculous given they took Denver to the wire twice.

      • DXW

        The first game was never even close. Denver toyed with KC in that one. But this one, KC came to play. All the teams that Denver has played this year have upped their game for the Broncos, so luckily they were ready. Still, if KC could show that level of intensity for all their games, they’d be really tough to beat.

        They were pretenders when they were 9-0 and people were bragging about going undefeated and how Denver had never faced a D like theirs, and all that other nonsense. But now that reality has set in and it’s a little more obvious what kind of team they are, I suppose they’re not pretenders. KC is a pretty good team, and it pains me to say that, but it’s true. They’re not one of the better teams, but they’re on the same level as teams like the Bengals.

        BTW, anyone else notice all the orange at Arrowhead today? That was shocking. I’ve been a Denver fan for 35 years, and I’ve never seen so much orange in that stadium, ever.

    • Josh Michaels

      Denver has early exit in the playoffs written all over them. I bet you were livid when KC jumped out in front of them and also when KC made the late surge.

      The Chiefs are still one of the youngest rosters in the NFL and they’re here to stay. I bet you were the same guy sayin Baltimore was a pretender last year after the Donkeys beat them 34-17 in the regular season… We all know how that went.

      I tip my cap to the Denver Mannings and that remarkable offense they have. They’re very good but history is not on your side. Denver is def capable of winning the AFC but it’s just so hard to put your money on Manning in the playoffs.

      • DXW

        Wow, you’re bitter… I guess I don’t blame you considering three weeks ago you were talking about how Denver wouldn’t be able to score 17 points on KC’s defense… ha ha.

        When KC jumped out in the first quarter I was surprised more than livid. I didn’t think they had it in them, but then again all the teams Denver has faced this year have treated it like their SuperBowl, so it didn’t surprise me to see KC playing at a higher than normal level. But I was never worried. The Chiefs are the Chiefs and they always do what they do. Until they prove they can win tough games, it’s hard to see them as much of a threat. I’m much more worried about SD this year.

        Everyone talks about the improvement in KC from last year, but I knew the Chiefs were better than a 2-14 record. They had way too much talent on that team last year, and their losing record was the result of a lot of bad breaks, just like the 9-0 record this year was a result of a lot of lucky breaks. The Chiefs have been a slightly better than average team for the past two years despite the good and bad records. If they can get their offense firing, I think they can be one of the better teams next year, but I also heard they have cap problems and they’re most likely going to lose players in the off season. So, this might be as good as it gets for KC for a while.

        As far as what Denver does in the playoffs… who knows. Personally, I think the Manning chokes in the playoffs talk is just hot air. The talking heads like to throw it out there so they have something to discuss on sports center, and they never seem to mention that those losses came when he was with colts teams that are nowhere near as good as Denver. And obviously he doesn’t always choke since he does have a ring. But, I guess we’ll see.

        Whatever happens, it’ll be nice to be home for those games.

  • jdilla415

    how was it over on the 1st offensive possession? manning ended up throwing an int, no points scored off that turnover.