Nov 24, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (13) runs after a catch against Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith (27) in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Postgame: Defense Collapses after Hali, Houston Injuries in Chiefs' Loss


Score: Chargers 41, Chiefs 38

It was over when: Alex Smith was sacked in the Chiefs final possession which prevented the Chiefs from having a shot at going for a field goal to tie the game.

Player of the Game: Phillip Rivers. I don’t want to talk about it.



1. Passing Game

Alex Smith was able to take advantage of San Diego’s weak secondary and throw for 292 yards and three touchdowns. It was good to see the Chiefs could at least throw the ball well against a poor defensive secondary.

2. Jamaal Charles

He was a beast in the running game, racking up 115 yards on only 14 carries. He also had two touchdowns.

3. Return game

Quintin Demps had 199 yards in returns and Dexter McCluster had a couple of nice punt returns.



1. Injuries

Chiefs entered the game without Mike DeVito, Jon Asamoah, and Eric Fisher, and then lost Justin Houston and Tamba Hali halfway through the game. Tough to win without five starters.

KC needs at least DeVito to get healthy quickly for next week against Denver.

2. Pressure

Without Hali or Houston the defense struggled to get pressure on Rivers. As a result, Philip Rivers had all the time in the world to shred the Chiefs’ secondary. That shredding led to 41 points for the Chargers.

KC got zero pressure on Peyton Manning with Houston and Hali last week, so where is that pressure going to come from now?

3. Clock Management

Clock management made no sense at the end of the game. KC could have run the ball to kill clock, especially when they got down to the six-yard-line. Charles was gashing the Chargers all day so running for the touchdown would not have been too much of a problem for him.

Reid also called a timeout with 17 seconds left on the play-clock on that same drive. If Reid had at least waited 17 seconds to call the timeout and run the ball just one time during that drive, San Diego likely doesn’t have enough time to throw that final touchdown pass.


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  • paul pace

    The time out called by Reid was really strange! I guess he didn’t realize that by calling that time out at that particular time would give SD more time to score!!!!! What a knucklehead thing to do! These guys get paid millions of dollars to make decisions and then he makes a bonehead one like that one. This loss was more devasting than the Denver loss and you can’t blame the offense this time because putting up 38 points should be enought to win any game in the NFL. The defense never showed up to play and it surely is evident with the final score.


      I am in total shock that Andy Reid called that timeout! What the hell was he thinking? He gave the Chargers just exactly what they needed, more time. Really, really stupid! A few weeks from now we will be looking back at that clock management snafu and saying “coulda’, woulda’ shoulda’.
      I am just sick.

      • paul pace

        I agree, I am totally sick! I am sooooo pissed off right now!! It is going to take me some time to get over this one!! The only thing that can make me feel a little better is Denver losing to NE, which probably won’t happen.

  • tm1946

    For some reason, some local media says are just all aglow with the moral victory today. Seem to me:
    1. There is enough film that most teams can defeat what is left of this addition of the Chiefs.
    2. Todays game looked a lot like last years team. Just not enough on the field.
    3. If you cannot protect your home field, not a lot of hope.
    4. Hate to say this, but not looking forward to Denver game.

    • paul pace

      I am also not looking forward to the Denver game!! It could be ugly.