Kansas City Chiefs Vs Buffalo Bills: Chiefs Report Card

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The Kansas City Chiefs (9-0) defeated a tough Buffalo Bills (3-6) squad on the road by the score of 23-13.


The Chiefs were unable to score an offensive touchdown but managed two defensive scores on the road to victory. Kansas City won despite not tallying a single sack on fourth string quarterback, Jeff Tuel.

The Bills beat Kansas City in just about every category except turnovers and points. It was another unimpressive win but it was a win nonetheless.

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  • DTVTechGuy

    You gave an offense that didn’t score a touchdown… Had dropped passes… Over throws… Couldn’t run the ball until the 4th quarter and if not for the other side of the ball would have lost this game hands down a C-…

    That sir, was an ” F ” if I ever saw one. AS and the Chiefs better pull their heads out, otherwise Denver is going to shell them.

    • Frank

      F would be if they gave up a lot of sacks, fumbles, INTs, and didn’t eat up any clock. They were better than that, “sir”.

      • Joel Wagler

        No turnovers and being able to run the ball in the 4th quarter in a win can’t be an F, but it was indeed a borderline C- for sure. Also, I was thrilled Bowe was involved in the game.

      • DTVTechGuy

        No, they weren’t better than that. If not for a ridiculously LOUSY throw… BTW, Tuel missed the open guy on that play, and a fumble for a TD… The Chiefs lose… I’m a Chiefs fan.. I have been since I could remember, my whole family is! there are more than a dozen tattoos spread over multiple generations to prove it… but the Offense is going to cost them BIG time against teams with a genuine offense.. You think we can outscore the Donkey’s…. The Chargers….

        Facts today… Gave up more sacks than we got…. Holding penalties… Albert with ANOTHER false start… You heard the stat if you watched… We lead the LEAGUE in false start penalties.. Couldn’t run the ball… Couldn’t catch passes… For the love of god what has to happen before the offense gets a failing grade? We lose 3-0? Call it a passing grade if you want to…. I don’t.

        The ” sir ” in quotations was hilarious, mine was a shot at levity… Some form of sarcasm and or condescension in your reply is baffling to me…

        • Frank

          I thought we were talking about the offense grade for the chiefs, not sure what the Bills O has to do with it.

          Thanks for all the credentialling.

          While I would agree that the offense wasn’t good, it want an F. (See my last post),

          Condescension. Don’t be baffled.

          In order to get a failing grade, we need to do negative things. That cost points, in my opinion. Otherwise, you are a C-/C.

          • Jordan

            In his defense it could be argued that the dropped passes missed throws and overall weak offensive planning DID in fact cost us points making this a much more stressful game than it needed to be

  • John Guyer

    I like that Bowe had 67 touchdowns lol

    • Joel Wagler

      Whoops! Thanks.