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Kansas City Chiefs Player Spotlight: Dwayne Bowe

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As the Kansas City Chiefs head into their final match up before their week 10 bye, a trip to Buffalo to play the Bills, one crazy stat line seems to jump off the page when looking through the offensive numbers.

26 receptions, 302 yards, 11.6 yards per reception average, and 2 touchdowns.

Dwayne Bowe has just 26 catches half way through the 2013 season. 26!

Bowe’s 26 catches rank him 71st in the NFL, and third on his own team. His 302 yards puts him 80th in the league, and his 11.6 average is the 138th best mark. The good news for Chiefs fans is that, according to, Bowe is only making $3,750,000 this season, including a $3 million signing bonus. That’s pretty good value.

Of course, the Chiefs will still owe Bowe $51 million over the next four years. That is not very good value, folks. Not for a receiver not ranked in the top 70 in three major receiving stats in the NFL.

The question remains – is Bowe not getting open, of is Smith just not getting him the ball?

Even Matt Cassel and the hodge podge of crappy quarterbacks the Chiefs had line up behind the center over the course of Bowe’s career had little problem getting him the ball. Since coming into the league 2007, through 2012, Bowe caught 415 passes, or 4.72 catches a game. This season, Bowe is averaging just 3.25 receptions per outing.

The most yards he has accumulated in any single game this season was 66 in week 7 against Houston. He has only tallied more than 50 yards thrice in 2013. This just isn’t acceptable for a wide receiver making elite money like Dwayne Bowe is.

Which takes us back to the question about who is to blame. Is Bowe suddenly unable to get open? Why can’t Alex Smith get the ball to him. Is Bowe not getting separation from the defense?

In the past, quarterbacks have just thrown the ball up and let Bowe  go get it. This isn’t a mindset that Smith can operate in. He is wired to take few chances with the ball and throwing it up isn’t something he is comfortable with

This week against the Bills, the Chiefs have to find a way to get the ball to Dwayne Bowe. That is all there is to it. This offense is not going to get better if Bowe is a nonentity.

This is why the spotlight is going to shine on Bowe this week. Is he getting open and Smith just isn’t seeing him? Is he just not getting open enough for Smith to have an opening to get him the ball? Is Bowe getting tangled up early in his routes, and not getting separation from the coverage? Something is obviously not working correctly in this offense.

Keep a close eye on Bowe this week. Watch for the things above to see if it is in fact Bowe’s fault he isn’t getting the ball, or if Smith’s ultra conservative play is to blame.

Regardless, the Chiefs must find a way to but the ball in the hands of one of their top play makers. Bowe is making entirely too much scratch not to be catching 4 or 5 balls a game.

It is amazing the Chiefs are undefeated with so little contribution from Dwayne Bowe in the passing game. If he can get on track, the offense should improve, making the team better overall. Keep Bowe in the spotlight this week. Let’s figure out why he hasn’t been more involved in the Chiefs offense.

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  • tm1946

    If it was anyone but Bowe and the Chiefs were not undefeated, we would be well past angry with Bowe’s production. Just do not get it, could be my own stupidity, why can Bowe not make any impact, blocking aside. He is our best of a sad group of WRs, but a 3.7 mil blocking WR? His ego should be enraged not happy as a hog in slop with the team winning. That is reserved for the bottom of the roster guys who are glad to get a paycheck and still on a NFL roster.

  • Blake Molina

    I like his team mentality, but he should want the ball. I hope he hasn’t checked out now that he got his paycheck.

  • Nicholas Abuhl

    you guys should invest in NFL game replay packages. Dwayne Bowe has been so incredibly open so many times this season.. that the fact that he hasn’t gotten more catches or touchdowns is sickening. Alex is just missing him. Blame Alex. Just as he over through Avery for a touch down and (McGrath) I believe in last weeks game both for touchdowns.. and McGrath wide open in weak before. It’s ridiculous.. We are leaving I’m guessing an average of 14 points a game because of him. don’t get me wrong I am a smith fan, but don’t put this on Bowe. It’s sickening

    • Joel Wagler

      Not putting this all on Bowe. That’s why we are directing the spotlight on him, so people will focus a little bit on what is really going on. Note, the mention about crappy qbs in the past have found a way to get him the ball.

      • Nicholas Abuhl

        I agree, while Bowe may not get open everytime, it is also a Alex smith thing. I have noticed he’s has found him much more as the season is progressing. Which is why I am being patient with the offense. Losing or winning he’s not Aaron Rogers so he needs time to build chemistry and be comfortable in this offense. If you look at history he had a different coordinator constantly and when he finially got some consistency he excelled.

        • Nicholas Abuhl

          Bowe has more than excelled in blocking, I think Alex needs to trust that he’s open even when he’s covered.

    • Stan

      Well between the defense doubling on Bowe and our poor pass protection what do you expect. Alex has to run so dam much it’s unreal. He needs about a half second more so he can hit Bowe.