Oct 27, 2013; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith throws a pass during the game against the Cleveland Browns at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs won 23-17. (Denny Medley, USA TODAY Sports)

Three Thoughts: Chiefs Over Browns


Way to go, Alex Smith

Before this game, the Cleveland Browns were the 6th ranked passing defense allowing just 220 yards a game. But then, when they thought they were the safe, playing the 26th best passing offense, Mr. Smith makes sure to find the flaws in their otherwise stout defense. He ran, he passed, he made the Chiefs look like they’ve had a decent passing game all year. Smith threw two touchdowns, the only offensive points not scored by a kicker. Did he have a Matthew Stafford type day with nearly 500 yards? No. But he did play without mistakes, and he performed better than expected. That’s what the Chiefs need from him every week.

The sacks went the wrong way

The Chiefs are making people notice this year not only because of their undefeated record or their astounding turnaround from worst to first, but because of their outstanding defense, especially the pressure they’ve put on the quarterbacks. But today, it didn’t happen. There was one sack (almost another, but play was cancelled due to penalty). However, the Browns recorded six sacks. There is a lot of talk here on KCKingdom about how the offense needs to improve, and this stat identifies it with a glaring, harsh light. The offensive line has plenty of room to grow. I’m not looking forward to league sack-leader Mario Williams and the Buffalo Bills next week, it’s a matchup that doesn’t favor the Chiefs.

The second half of season will be much tougher

Do you want to know what really scares me? Large spiders. Wanna know what else? The opponents that the Chiefs have played so far have a combined record of 18-38. That is wonderful and terrible at the same time. We’ve spent these first eight weeks happy as a Gamecock with an upset, but up next comes two games against the Broncos and the sneaky-good Chargers. This winning streak isn’t going to last forever, we know that, but just prepare yourselves in case the Chiefs start to falter down the stretch. But even though I say that, I’m still expecting this team to make the playoffs. <knock on wood>


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