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Trade Rumors: Is Josh Gordon Worth A 1st Round Pick To The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs need a deep, down field threat at wide receiver. Is the Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Josh Gordon worth a first round pick in a trade for the Chiefs?

We all know the Chiefs are not a team that throws the ball down the field very often. Alex Smith has one of the lowest yards per pass average in the NFL at 6.8 yards (29th). One of the things the Chiefs have to decide on is if Alex Smith can even throw the ball down field with any kind of accuracy. He hasn’t yet in his first season as a Chief.

Donnie Avery is the only Chiefs’ receiver with an average per reception over 12 yards, at 16.3. Josh Gordon is averaging 16.7 yards a catch this year, up slightly from 16.1 last season as a rookie. This isn’t a significant increase over Avery’s average but Gordon seems to be a better talent overall.

The Browns quarterbacks are even lower than Smith when it comes to yards per attempt (6.0 combined), yet Gordon has maintained a high average. He isn’t a small receiver at 6’3, 225 pounds, but he has speed to go with that size. In the 5 games he has played this year, he is averaging 90 yards a game so he has play making ability. It would be a terrific, more consistent  option on the opposite side of Dwayne Bowe, who is more of a possession receiver.

The big question is about what Gordon might cost. According to Adam Schefter, the price is going to be high. Schefter tweeted this out on Tuesday:


If the Chiefs can get Josh Gordon for a first round draft pick and maybe a throw in, should they? He is only 22 years old and would be a cheap, excellent option at receiver for 2 and a half years. According to ESPN, his  rookie contract he signed in July of 2012 with Cleveland was for 4 years and $5.3 million, with $3.8 million guaranteed. He is certainly worth that money now.

Mandatory Credit: Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

With any draft pick, it is always a crap shoot. Jonathan Baldwin was a first round pick and Marcus Cooper was a 7th round pick. Unless things go terribly, terribly wrong in the second half, the Chiefs most likely will draft in the bottom third of the league in the 2014 NFL Draft, at worst.

If the Chiefs can get an inexpensive player, with proven play making skills already on display, who is under contract through 2015, that is worth a late first round draft pick, and either a throw in player or a lower round pick as well.

The Chiefs need help on the outside, and a team can never have enough play makers on the field. Adding Gordon would certainly increase the weapons at Alex Smith’s disposal and it will be up to Smith and the coaching staff to figure out ways to get the ball into Gordon’s hands.

If Josh Gordon can be had, Chiefs general manager John Dorsey should be talking the Browns this whole weekend. He should be working the best possible deal to bring another play maker into the fold in Kansas City.

For me, it is a no-brainer. Gordon is young, talented, inexpensive, and plays a position of need for the Chiefs. Go get him. He is worth a first round draft pick, plus whatever throw in is required. His presence would immediately make the Chiefs’ offense better.





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  • ……ChiefsFan……

    You forgot to mention Gordon is one screw-up away from a year long suspension. This doesn’t mean he can’t change his ways and totally be worth the gamble, but the Chiefs proved a few years back with Jared Allen, it wasn’t a risk they were willing to take.

    My opinion is: Take a flier on the guy, but for nothing more than a first round pick. Only because he is a proven commodity on the NFL field, which is something that cannot be said for any player coming out in this years draft.

    • Matt Dickson

      Just an FYI– he’s only been in trouble once. That was in college for smoking pot, which half of players do. Justin Houston did it too.

      The incident which led to the 2 game suspension this season was for taking a legit, doctor prescribed drug to treat an illness. It happened to have a chemical on the banned substance list. The NFL acknowledged this, which is why he was only barred from playing in 2 games.

      Remember, same thing happened to Tamba last year.

      Gordon has never been in legal trouble or been a locker room distraction. He’s just a 22-year-old stud WR who needs some good coaching, direction and strong locker room leaders around him. The Chiefs have all that.

      He’d instantly upgrade the lethalness of the KC offense.

  • cyberry

    Hell No.. There are some good receiver’s coming out next year.. Pick one ..who fits in our locker-room.. The Chiefs team comradery is the backbone of the team.. Don’t dare jeopardize that.. Not to mention.. Jeremy Maclin contract is up.. The Eagles coaches don’t have ties to him.. He is from Missouri.

    • Matt Dickson

      Who are we going to get late in the 1st round, that’s guaranteed to be as good or better than Gordon? Gordon is a top 10 talent and has displayed it on the most anemic offense in the NFL.

      Everybody just assumes 1st round picks are slam dunks.

      Chiefs fans should know better. We drafted Baldwin, remember?

      Besides Gordon is only 22 years old, so it’s not like we’re talking about someone halfway through their career. He’s basically a rookie– only proven.

      On a side note– Gordon has never been accused of being a locker room problem. Ever. Everybody around the Browns organization says he works hard and gets along with players and coaches well.

  • Bryan Staley

    He’s good but he is also one infraction away from being suspended for a year! Still worth it?? That is what John Dorsey needs to decide!

  • Chuck Burrell

    Give up a 1st rounder?? We are already without a 2nd… I’m not saying he’s not worth a 1st round pick but is he worth not having a pick till the 3rd round? To me, not really. To Dorsey, we’ll see, but I doubt it

    • Matt Dickson

      If you agree he’s worth a 1st rounder, why wouldn’t he be worth our LATE 1st rounder? Proven player, young, cheap, very high ceiling– and at a position of need.

      Think of it this way– if we don’t trade for him, we’re going to have to use that 1st rounder on a WR in the draft anyways. Why not get him now, for a playoff run? Plus, anybody we draft would be MORE of a crapshoot since you’re never guaranteed a draft choice will pan out. We KNOW Gordon is a stud who can play at this level.

      Seems like a no-brainer to me.

      • Chuck Burrell

        I’m not sure why you think us drafting a receiver next year with our first pick is a done deal… Seems like that may be what you would like for our team, however (maybe you have forgotten) Dorsey is a best player available type of GM.

  • Blake Molina

    I think there’s some talented receivers in next year’s draft that could fall to us. Marquise Lee’s stock has dropped with the dumpster fire offense at USC, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t take him at the late end of the first round

    • Matt Dickson

      Unproven player NEXT year, versus a proven player NOW.

      Yeah, that makes sense.

  • berttheclock

    You do realize that the Chiefs could have already had him for a 1st round pick. The Chiefs were in position to outbid Cleveland’s second round bid when he came through the Supplemental Draft. That number one pick would have been the one used for Fisher. Pioli passed.

    However, yes, he has much talent, but, he still has baggage of the drug variety. He could well be a time bomb which Joe Banner wants to be taken from him.

    • Matt Dickson

      Drug variety baggage? Do tell.

      He had one mj incident in college. So did Justin Houston.

      That’s it.

      His 2 game suspension this year was for testing positive for a banned substance which was in a legit, doctor prescribed medicine for an illness. The NFL even acknowledged this, which is why he was only barred from playing in 2 games.

      Same thing happened to Tamba Hali last year. Yep.

      See a pattern?

      We have a 22-year-old, All Pro talent WR available for a LATE 1st round pick. And we can get him THIS year in time for a playoff run.

      Why would you rather, save the pick, only to spend it on an unproven WR in 7 months? Which is what we’d have to do, because it’s the biggest hole on our team.

      Totally illogical.

      • berttheclock

        Wrong. He had two incidents in college. In 2010, he was involved in a traffic accident and police found MJ in his car. He was kicked off the team, but, allowed to return the next year. In 2011, he tested positive for MJ and was suspended from the team. That was the reason he transferred to Utah.

        Yes, the pro incident is not earth shattering, but, it still raises flags. Go to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, where Bud Shaw has written, yesterday, about the risks posed in keeping him with the Browns. There are other reports coming out of the Browns about his need for a mentor to keep him straight.