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Missouri Tiger Head Coach Frank Haith Suspended 5 Games By NCAA

Missouri Tiger Head Coach Frank Haith will receive a 5 game suspension, according to Jeff Borzello at The NCAA is holding Haith partially responsible because of a lack of a lack of compliance while leading the basketball program at Miami.

The NCAA announcement came on Tuesday, and in the statement, the NCAA sited:

The former head men’s basketball coach failed to meet his responsibilities as a head coach when he did not monitor the activities of his assistant coaches, and attempted to cover up the booster’s threats to disclose incriminating information…


While it is not an ideal situation for Missouri, it could have been worse. Hopefully, Haith learned from past mistakes and will not repeat them at Missouri. If you are Haith and the Tigers, you take the punishment as soon as possible and be done with it. If there is no more fall out from the Miami situation, in which the NCAA has been investigating for over 2 years, a 5-game suspension for Haith should not affect the Tigers at all this season.

The Miami Hurricanes can’t be the only school under the NCAA’s control that has had these sort of things going on. Hopefully, other schools and programs can learn from Miami, but the punishment wasn’t as severe as it might have been. Some suspensions and a loss of scholarships for both the football and basketball program doesn’t seem that severe.

Here is a list of the punishments levied against the coaches and the schools involved from the NCAA:

The committee acknowledged and accepted the extensive and significant self-imposed penalties by the university. Additional penalties in this case include a three-year probation period; a reduction in the number of football and men’s basketball scholarships; recruiting restrictions; a five-game suspension for the former head men’s basketball coach; and two-year show-cause orders for two former assistant football coaches and a former assistant men’s basketball coach. If these individuals are employed at an NCAA member school during these two years, they and their current or future employer must appear before the Committee on Infractions to determine if the coach should have his duties limited.


Since the case began shortly after Missouri hired Haith, the Tigers athletic department has probably crossed every t and dotted every i where Haith is concerned. The Tigers athletic department has a history with the NCAA, so it is very probable they have been in complete compliance with all NCCA rules. It would be surprising if the NCAA or Missouri feel any need to limit Haith’s duties once his suspension is served.

At this point, Missouri should have Haith serve his suspension as soon as possible, and put the whole incident behind them.

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