NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs, Broncos Only Undefeated Teams Remaining

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Sep 22, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) in the rain before a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports


32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 0-6

Previous Ranking: 32

Kudos to Jacksonville for putting up a bigger fight than anyone else anticipated.

31. New York Giants

Record: 0-6

Previous Ranking: 29

With Hakeem Nicks on the trading block, the Giants may be all-in on the Jadeveon Clowney sweepstakes.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 0-5

Previous Ranking: 31

Looking at their schedule one could make a case Tampa’s next winnable game won’t be until week 14 against Buffalo.

29. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 1-4

Previous Ranking: 30

Pittsburgh rushed for a mere 2.8 yards per carry in their win. That’s not something that is going to sustain winning, especially when you don’t get to play Geno Smith every week.

28. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 1-4

Previous Ranking: 28

I wanted desperately for Adrian Peterson to rush for 400 yards Sunday. Such a sad story about his son.

27. Washington

Record: 1-4

Previous Ranking: 23

How about this stat from ESPN: Washington has allowed a 78.9% completion percentage when sending four or fewer pass rushers. Yikes.

26. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 1-4

Previous Ranking: 22

Atlanta has Tampa Bay and Arizona the next two weeks. Beat them both and the Falcons are right back in the playoff hunt. Lose either of them and Atlanta is done. Julio Jones being out for the season is going to make that task difficult.

25. Buffalo Bills

Record: 2-4

Previous Ranking: 24

Thad Lewis was so good the Bills signed Matt Flynn after the game. Seriously, not a bad start from a guy who was on the practice squad the week before.

24. Oakland Raiders

Record: 2-4

Previous Ranking: 25

Raiders are only going to get better as their offensive line gets healthier and Terrelle Pryor becomes smarter with the football.

23. Carolina Panthers

Record: 2-3

Previous Ranking: 27

Carolina is a really tough team to beat when Cam Newton is on. Too bad Newton doesn’t have more weapons to work with.

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  • Jason Seibel

    Once again, you’ve completely missed the mark. How many teams with a great offense (Denver) has had a terrible, abysmal, absolutely do-nothing defense (Denver) and won the Superbowl with a quarterback who chokes in the playoffs (Denver.) They’ve played the same teams that the Chiefs have, and they have the same record. The Chiefs have beat them all, and held them to less points. Your power rankings are invalid, insulting and a bit silly.

    • ……ChiefsFan……

      He’ll learn eventually…..
      I hope.

      • Ben Nielsen

        I’m cool with the Chiefs proving me wrong. :)

    • Jordan

      Git em Jason! Spot on the Chiefs while the offense has shown to be pretty terrible, the defense is playing balls to the wall knock out lights out etc. putting us in situations late in the game where our offense has stepped up, in clutch situations. In addition saying the Chiefs strength of schedule is the reason we’re 6-0 could also be said of Denver

      • Ben Nielsen

        From the power rankings…

        “Keep in mind also that this is against essentially the same schedule the Chiefs have played through the first third of the season. These are all teams the Chiefs defense has shutdown.”

        • Jordan

          My comment wasn’t meant to be a cheap shot but more of a general frustration with the main stream medias bias

    • Ben Nielsen

      Four of the last seven Super Bowl winners have ranked 17th or worse in points allowed. Three of them ranked 20th or worse. When Manning won his 2006 title the defense was 26th in the NFL in points allowed. …and that was just the last seven Super Bowl winners. Have to score in this league to be a contender.

  • DXW

    Chiefs shouldn’t be top five. Their offense is mediocre at best, and their defense hasn’t faced a good offense all year (and has struggled against average teams). I can begrudgingly see them at #6 because of their record, but until they beat a real team, it’s safe to assume they’re a middle of the road team on a lucky streak.

    The Chiefs have definitely improved from last year, but even if they play at their best, they’ll certainly lose both games to Denver, at least one of the SD games (probably both), and they’ll also lose to the Colts. Luckily all the other teams they play are cupcakes, so they should keep having easy wins. The Chiefs just don’t have the offense to compete against the elite teams this year. I can’t see them finishing better than 12-4 and either losing in the wild card round or missing the playoffs entirely.

    • Jason Seibel

      Who have the Broncos beat? Oh…the same teams. You are invalid.

      • ……ChiefsFan……

        This guy (dxw) has proved time and time again, he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. He’s just looking for attention.

      • DXW

        I’m not talking about Denver. I’m talking strictly about the Chiefs. They are a 2-14 team who came into this season with a better coach and a new system, and so far they’ve managed to squeak by 6 very mediocre teams. The fact they’ve played no one should be a cause for concern unless you have blinders on.

        Yes, they’ve played the same teams as Denver. The difference is that Denver came into the year as a 13-3 team and have destroyed their opponents in a way that is historically better than any team in the history of the NFL. Denver’s one weak spot, their D, was built on the foundation of a strong pass rush. If Von Miller’s return fixes that (and I admit that’s a big IF), then there’s no chance the Chiefs can win the West.

        After watching SD against the Colts, and seeing how they are basically Denver-lite, I have serious doubts the Chiefs will win either of their games against them unless Rivers screws up, which is entirely possible.

        I don’t think I’m saying anything that doesn’t make complete sense to anyone who isn’t a delusional KC fan. The bottom line is that the Chiefs and the Broncos haven’t been truly tested this year by anyone other than maybe Dallas. The reason Denver has the edge is because they’ve absolutely annihilated their opponents and destroyed league records along the way while the Chiefs have just squeaked by. It seems pretty obvious to me.

    • Ben Nielsen

      In fairness to the defense… Dallas and Philly are each averaging 30 points a game if you take out the Chiefs game for each team. They’ve played some good offenses.

    • ……ChiefsFan……

      In 2003 the chiefs offense tore the league up!

      Let’s remember where that got them shall we?

      It got them a loss in the family playoff game with no punts.

      Sounds eerily similar to the game Denver played two weeks ago.

      Every team has a weakness or two, and because if that there is no reason for the Chiefs to be ranked anywhere but right next to denver (not below or above).

      If you cannot see flaws in every team within this top five, you’re simply not paying attention (directed at you Ben).

      • Ben Nielsen

        You clearly did not read the Denver section….

        “Opponents are averaging 7.6 per pass attempt against the Broncos, according to Pro-Football-Reference’s version of the stat (includes sacks). Only the Bears have allowed more yards per pass attempt.

        Football Outsiders ranked the Broncos defense 25th through the first five weeks of season (so doesn’t include Jacksonville game) in efficiency and 27th against the pass.”

        I wouldn’t call that a ringing endorsement of a flawless team.

        • ……ChiefsFan……

          Then why do they deserve to be a “contender”?

          • Ben Nielsen

            Denver’s flaw is not nearly as bad as the Chiefs flaw.

            Also, Peyton Manning.

        • ……ChiefsFan……

          Only the last section of that was directed at you Ben. The majority was intended for dxw.

      • ……ChiefsFan……


  • Mark Bustamante

    How ironic Chiefs are compared to Tampa Bay and Baltimore both of which won the Super Bowl with game manager quarterbacks and below average offenses.

    • Ben Nielsen

      Nope. KC’s offense is worse than both of those teams (at this point, anyway).

      • Chuck Burrell

        Chiefs offense worse than Trent dilfer? Come on guy. There needs to be a BS check on your opinions

        • Ben Nielsen

          1. Trent Dilfer play by himself?
          2. 2000 Ravens:
          16th in total offense, 10th in rushing
          2013 Chiefs:
          25th in total offense, 18th in rushing

          • Chuck Burrell

            I guess the question I should ask is, “Do you think ball security is an important aspect of the game?” If not then Tony Romo must be the most clutch qb in the nfl

          • Ben Nielsen

            1. What source are you using for your QBR stats? And Tony Romo ranks 8th in the NFL in QBR, Alex Smith 18th (per ESPN)

            2. We’re talking about the totality of the offense, not just the quarterback.

            But… Smith’s 3.2 QBR advantage over Dilfer you cited doesn’t inspire confidence.

          • Chuck Burrell


            Again, Charles is a better all around back than Lewis. Granted, Lewis had a career year in 2000. However, Charles is the first player since OJ to have more than 100 yds from scrimmage and atleast one TD in his first 6 games of the year. Passing game + running game = total offense.

            Don’t forget the reason romo was brought up had to do with his turnover issues. Alex smith does not have turnover issues. The ravens offense did have turnover issues in 2000. I never attempted to compare romos QBR to smiths. I compared the 2000 ravens QBR to 2013 smiths QBR.

            All of this being said is only to justify that the chiefs offense in ’13, by the numbers, is better than the ’00 ravens when taking ball security, QBR, and the running game into consideration. All of which, I believe constitute quality offensive production, and contradict your statement that the 2000 ravens offense is better than the 2013 chiefs offense.

            Think what you want. I know I will. Good day!

        • Ben Nielsen

          Note: Still 10 games left, so the Chiefs offense could improve. We’ll see where it goes.

        • Ben Nielsen

          Also, there’s some revisionist history going on here. Trent Dilfer was the backup that season, started final 8 games and the playoffs.

          2000 Dilfer: 59.3% completions, 6.6 yards per attempt, 5.3 TD%

          2013 Alex Smith: 56.5% completions, 6.2 yards per attempt, 3.2 TD%

          • Chuck Burrell

            Tony banks in 2000 – 54.7%, 1578 yds, 8TD, 8 INT, 69.3 QBR, 19 carries, 57 yds, 3.0 avg

            Dilfer in 2000 – 11 games played, 1502 yds, 12 TD, 11 INT, 8 FUM, 20 carries, 75 yds, 3.8 avg, 76.6 QBR

            A. Smith in 2013 – 6 games played, 1330 yds, 7 TD, 3 INT, 0 FUM, 37 carries, 190 yds, 5.1 avg, 79.8 QBR

            I didn’t feel the need to explain by number why J Charles is a better back than J Lewis

  • Mike Diel

    KC’s offense is good enough. They’ve scored more points in the AFC than any other team except Denver, and Denver has scored more points than some teams will score all year.