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Trade Rumors: Tony Gonzalez, Hakeem Nicks, and What's Best For the Chiefs

Add Sports Illustrated and ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha to the growing chorus of people clamoring for a Tony Gonzalez trade.

Chadiah wrote an entire column on the subject today, which you can read here. Here’s a excerpt:

What started as intriguing watercooler speculation should grow into a much hotter conversation. That is the ultimate takeaway in the Kansas City Chiefs’ 24-7 win over the Oakland Raiders. Yes, the Chiefs improved to 6-0. Yes, they found another way to grind out a victory in a resourceful manner. But Sunday’s win also revealed something else about this team: The Chiefs need to make a deal to bring tight end Tony Gonzalez back home.

Sports Illustrated added this to the discussion:

Obviously, coughing up draft picks is not something to be taken lightly — with this trade and the Alex Smith trade, we’ll be short going into the 2014 draft. So only a perfect fit would even entice us to consider such a deal.

But this is a perfect fit.

While adding Gonzalez certainly wouldn’t hurt the Chiefs offense, it wouldn’t be the solution to the inherent issue: wide receiver. Kansas City’s wide receivers have 56 receptions in six games and a total of four touchdowns (two of them against Jacksonville). Jamaal Charles has 33 catches and two touchdowns by himself.

Not having a true second wide receiver makes the passing game what is now: nothing.

Gonzalez also poses the problem of being an expensive 10-game rental. There’s a chance Kansas City would have to give up a third or future second round pick to Gonzalez only to watch him retire at the end of the season. That’s too much for the minimal relative value he’d be giving the Chiefs.

Here are three names that make far more sense to the Chiefs who could help this season and beyond: Josh Gordon, Hakeem Nicks, and Kenny Britt.

All three a reported to be on the trading block, with Nicks being the newest name to the list, according to the New York Post. Nicks would be a legit second receiver – if not the top receiver – on the other side of Bowe. He’s both a downfield threat as well as a possession receiver and could open of the middle of the field for Donnie Avery, Dexter McCluster, Charles, McGrath, and, eventually, Anthony Fasano.

Same could be said of Gordon.

Britt would be more of a risk in terms of on-field return, but he screams “change of scenery” guy. He’d also cost less to acquire a retain than Gordon or Nicks.

Point is this: Kansas City needs an upgrade at wide receiver more than it needs an upgrade at tight end. There are available players out there would could fill the immediate and long-term hole the Chiefs have to fill.

Bringing Gonzalez home would be great, but it wouldn’t be the right move.

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