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3 Thoughts: Chiefs Over Raiders

Three Thoughts on Chiefs Over Raiders:

1) It’s Good to Have a Defense

Most everyone knows that the Chiefs are winning with defense right now. They held the Raiders to only 7 points, with multiple sacks, 3-and-outs, and a vital pick-6 to lock up the game. It was a great display of  defensive power. The defense is playing so good, and the anticipation for the Chiefs-Broncos game in Week 11 will be building even more with the upcoming Peyton Manning vs. Kansas City defense matchup, but let’s not forget there are two more games to go before we get there.


2) The Offense Will Need to Show Up Eventually

Although it’s great that the defense is playing well, there will come a day when they won’t be able to carry the team anymore. A team that relies on one part of the team will (usually) not make it to the Super Bowl. Jamaal Charles will do everything in his power to get that team into the end zone-he showed his determination on both his touchdown runs-but the wide receivers and offensive line need to catch up to his level of play.

3) Go Back to Oakland

For six straight seasons, the Chiefs have failed to win a single game against the lowly raiders in Arrowhead Stadium. That is a horrendous streak that should have been ended five years ago, but with this win comes an apparent change in the Chiefs future. A rivalry that defined the Chiefs past for several years, will now show that Kansas City means business. The raiders had no chance against the Chiefs or the Arrowhead crowd (The crowd set a world record for the loudest outdoor stadium.


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