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What Got the Kansas City Chiefs to 5-0

Words cannot be found that would effectively portray the phenomenon of the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs. The NFL season is around one-third complete, and the worst team of 2012 is now one of three undefeated teams going into Week 6 of 2013. That doesn’t happen. Bask in this glory as much as you can; embrace the warmth of winning football.

It’s easy to see where it comes from. New Head Chief Andy Reid has brought a mentality to the Chiefs that has been missing since the days of Dick Vermeil. The last time the Chiefs were 5-0 was a decade ago in 2003 when Vermeil was the Head Chief. Kansas City started that season with a 9-game undefeated streak, and went 13-3 before losing to Peyton Manning’s Colts in the Divisional Round.

The Chiefs have been in rebuilding mode for years. They grab more young talent each year and yet they have failed to do anything with it. The young talent is starting to come into their prime. However, there have always been two pieces that have been missing each season: a decent quarterback and a good head coach. Reid, a coach with a winning resume, came to Kansas City with one major acquisition in mind: Alex Smith.

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Smith has never been a great quarterback, but in recent years he has been at or above average, and that’s all you need sometimes. According to ESPN’s new stat, QBR (Quarterback Rating, 0 to 100, 50 is average), Smith has been given a 51.15 QBR to this point in the season. That is just barely above average, and the Chiefs are still winning.

The Kansas City offense is average, ranked 17th overall in the NFL, but where the Chiefs really excel is on the defensive side of the ball.

Ranked 19th in 2012, the Chiefs had a hard time stopping anybody, but so far in 2013, the Chiefs are ranked 7th in total defense, and 4th in passing defense. This is where all the young talent has been going for years, and they have become the strength of the Kansas City team.

Another reason the Chiefs are undefeated has to do with the scheduling. The five teams they have played are a combined 7-18, which includes two winless teams, the Jaguars and the Giants, and only the Titans have a winning record so far.

The Kansas City Chiefs are much better than they have been in a long time, and it isn’t happening because of one reason. All the right pieces are fitting together at just the right time. A head coach, a decent quarterback and a decent offensive, combined with a maturing young talent, a strong defense, and an easy schedule are making the Chiefs into a playoff team right before our eyes.

Finally, a little bit of luck in Kansas City.

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