Chiefs Vs Titans Wrap Up: Chiefs Report Card

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The Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0.

How they got there really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but it is always interesting to break down the game to see how each aspect of the game helps contribute to the victory.

This particular game was an extremely sloppy one, marred by 6 total turnovers and 15 total penalties, a number of which may have been mistakes by the officiating crew.

The game also featured a third quarter meltdown by the Chiefs that they were able to overcome with yet another strong fourth quarter performance.

What does the Chiefs’ report card look like in their win over the the Tennessee Titans in week five? Click “Next” to find out.

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  • Jason Mickey

    Raider week!!!!

  • Jim bernard

    This game isn’t even close without the bullshit refs!! But I’ll take it, bring on Oakland

  • Doc

    1 of 12 on third down and you give the offense a B+? You have to be high. Take out JCs 4th quarter performance and the offense ages a D at best. Serious work to do on the offensive side of the ball. Is the problem with the OC with all of the talent on offense? Or is it really a problem with the talent? Bowe got his money, where is he in the game plan? I put the problem square on Reid’s shoulders for the lack of improvement of the offense. Not to say I don’t like being 5-0 after last year’s performance, but we should be a heck of a lot better than the offense is currently playing.

    • cyberry

      When the Chiefs where on the short side of the 1 yard line after the defensive stop, throwing the 41 yard pass was huge.. Everybody questioned if Smith could make a come from behind drive.. HE DID.. again huge.. Smith’s stats aren’t breath takin …But he makes the play’s and drives at crucial part of the game.. Rivers threw for 411 yards..Romo threw for 506 yards… you know what they both have in common…throwing interceptions on crucial drives attempting to win the game.. Too bad there isn’t a “choke” stat..well actually there is,,is called the score.. 5-0..good teams find a way!!

      • cyberry

        But.. I do want to acknowledge that this game stressed me out. I know everybody still learning this new offense..but all of the last four games.. had the offense not stalled (early) or put it in the end zone instead of field goals.. The games would have been under control and put away by the 4th quarter.. I admit this offense needs much work.. But after last year.(and before and the years before that).let’s enjoy rather than bring the negative vibes… 5-0!!!!!

  • Tom Sparks

    We are 5-0 & over came a sloppy effort, at times. Even though we did struggle on 3rd downs and took the 3rd quarter off for some reason, we still held sway and owned the 4th Q, again! Oh, the Refs should be fined for making a LOT of stupid, totally erroneous calls! Pretty pathetic…… But, seeing how we responded to adversity, that deserves at least a B……
    Get LOUD & PROUD Arrowhead, it is Raider Hater week! And aren’t we trying to set an NFL Stadium db loudness record for the Guinness Book in this game?????????