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Chris Getz' Wife Competes On CBS' The Amazing Race

There is a big Kansas City Royals’ connection to this season’s The Amazing Race on CBS. Nikki Getz, the wife of second baseman Chris Getz is participating in The Amazing Race, an organized race around the world. She is running the race Kim DeJesus, the wife of former Royal, David DeJesus.

The spouses, who have been friends for several years, according to their introduction video on the television program, make up one of 11 teams who compete in challenges in exotic locales all over the world.

One team is eliminated each episode by being the last team to arrive at a predetermined pit stop after completing a series of tasks. Getz and DeJesus survived the first episode.

The ladies faced a major obstacle right way. One of their first challenges in the race was for one team member to follow the other by taxi while that second teammate soared over the coastline in Chile paragliding. Kim DeJesus was tasked to paraglide. Despite her nervousness and wariness of the dangers, she conquered her fears and completed the challenge.

The Amazing Race is known for putting people in situations where they must overcome their fears, whether it be of water, of heights, or eating unsavory local dishes.

Teammates must work together at all times in harmony if the don’t want to self destruct. Through the first episode, Getz and DeJesus seemed to work together and were very supportive of each other. Teammate make ups include parents and siblings, friends, siblings, spouses, exes, and relatives. Some get along better than others but support and cooperation are needed for the long haul.

Luck can also play a big part in the race. Teams are often eliminated for doing nothing more than grabbing a cab with a bad taxi driver.

The field is whittled down each week until just three teams remain. These three complete their tasks with the goal of reaching the end of the final leg in first place. The winning team earn $1 million.

The program aired on CBS on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. on CBS, after 60 Minutes. 


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