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Kansas City Chiefs Player Spotlight: Mike Devito

There is one player that starts for the Kansas City Chiefs that hasn’t really been talked about much so far this season. The Kansas City spotlight is going to highlight defensive end Mike DeVito for week three against the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night on the NFL Network.

A quick check of the stats reveal about what you would expect of someone who has barely had his named mentioned during the first two games of the season. Mike DeVito has one solo tackle and one assisted tackle. That’s it.

Now, defensive ends, unless they are monster pass rushing ends in a 4-3 base defense, do not get much face time on broadcasts. They won’t fill stats sheet either, especially if they aren’t any good.

We don’t know if Mike DeVito is any good at this point. This week’s spotlight should help reveal just what DeVito is doing to earn his playing time. In his 6 years in the league prior to 2013, he recorded 202 tackles, an average of almost 34 a year, but only has 2.5 career sacks. He is not a pass rusher. This we do know.

By keeping an eye on DeVito throughout the game, we should be able to determine if he is merely taking up space, or if he is occupying blockers and helping Dontari Poe blow up the middle. A big part of Poe’s early success could be due to DeVito distracting the offensive linemen just enough to free Poe up inside. If that is the case, that is terrific.

Watch DeVito, who wears number 70. See if he is shutting off the running lanes and making a push on the outside on pass plays. How does he pursue the ball? Is he getting pushed around? Honestly, there has been enough going on with the defense, DeVito has gone unnoticed for the most part.

In Kansas City’s attack scheme, DeVito is not going to be a force in the pass rush, as far as racking up a bunch of sacks. His duty will be to occupy and distract blockers. Considering the Chiefs have 9 sacks in two games, it is most likely Mike DeVito is doing exactly what he is supposed to be doing.

Keep watch on #70 on Thursday; Mike Devito is in the KC Kingdom spotlight.



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