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Apr 14, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore during batting practice before a game against the Toronto Blue Jays at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Trade Deadline Royals Rumors: All Quiet So Far

After a bit of hopeful excitement last night, the Kansas City Royals have been very quiet this morning. Yesterday, the Royals were discussing possible upgrades at second base. It is looking more and more like the Royals may stand pat.

The Los Angeles Angels are wanting a major league ready starting pitcher for their second baseman, Howie Kendrick. In the fantasy world of trade rumors, wouldn’t a 3-way deal between the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Angels, and Royals make sense?

According to MLB Trade Rumors, the D-Backs are trying to move 28-year old starting pitcher Ian Kennedy. How about if the D-backs sent Kennedy to Los Angeles, the Angels shipped Howie Kendrick to Kansas City, and the Royals sent a couple of longer term prospects to Arizona? This is not a rumor that has been floating out there, but it seems to be one that could make sense for all three teams.

It is still possible Dayton Moore could work out a deal with their division rival Chicago White Sox as he has done so before (Mark Teahen for Chris Getz!) but there is no hint this is imminent.

What is very clear is that Moore is not going to capitalize on Ervin Santana‘s growing value. Long starving fans and the more casual Royals fans seem content with the show of improvement and a .500 record, and Moore seems more than willing to accommodate. Last night, the Royals were the ratings champs in Kansas City by more than 44% over second place. The fans are excited their beloved Royals are actually winning games and competing, as they should be, but most are not seeing in the big picture.

For loyal Royal fans who are thinking with their hearts, the Royals assault on .500 is enough – a tangible show of improvement. Fans who are looking at things more objectively see an opportunity to improve the team in a big way for 2014. With the Detroit Tigers still 7 games ahead, it will be very difficult for Kansas City to catch them.

For now, it looks like the thrill of the chase will have to be enough. There is always the chance that it is the Royals’ turn to have a magical season and that they will continue their hot play through the end of the season. It is possible for them to win the division, or maybe a wild card spot. If that happens, Moore will be prove correct. My heart hopes it will be so.

Stay tuned. There are still several more hours to go for the Royals to make a move. For now, all is quiet with the Royals.

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