Jul 22, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Kansas Jayhawks head coach Charlie Weis speaks to the media during the Big 12 media days at the Omni Dallas Hotel. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas Football Coach Charlie Weis: Brutal Honesty

University of Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis drew laughter from the media Monday afternoon during the Big 12 Media Day while talking about recruiting.

Weis was asked about how he recruits to Kansas, a program that is 6-29 over the past 3 seasons, and has only won 2 conference games in the last 4 years. The Jayhawks’ coach talked about facilities, coaches, and training staff, then he mentioned one key issue – playing time.

Weis said he asked recruits “Have you seen that pile of crap out there?”

Matt Tait from the Lawrence Journal World posted this tweet immediately, quoting Weis and adding a small comment.



Weis’s comment was meant to highlight the opportunities for playing time at a school struggling to regain the competitiveness it displayed under mark Mangino, but it came across as a bit crude despite the laughter.

While the comment by Weis was funny and even true, it is not something coaches say in press conferences. Earlier in the session today, Weis mentioned he was a very straight forward guy, which is obvious, and he hinted that recruits and their families either love him or hate him. That is very believable.

One has to question how this might affect players on his team. Yes, many of them are new to the program and Weis probably said those very words to them while he was trying to convince them to play at Kansas. Still, one has to question if they question Weis’ willingness to throw former players, as well as players still in the program, under the bus so publicly.

Sometimes, brutal honesty is refreshing. When basketball coach Bill Self does it, it doesn’t seem as cruel. Weis’ comment seemed pretty harsh, even if it draw laughs. Even if the statement is true, and there is little doubt it is, that is not something that should be said out loud to the press.

Straightforward, refreshing, honesty is a good thing. Brutal, cruel honesty isn’t necessarily a good thing. One thing is for sure, Weis’ words will be repeated throughout Big 12 country over the next few days, for better or for worse.


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