Jun 14, 2013; St. Petersburg, FL, USA; Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez (13) against the Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Field. Kansas City Royals defeated the Tampa Bay Rays 7-2. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Opinion: It Is Time For Rex Hudler To Go

Look, I don’t hate Rex Hudler. I don’t even dislike the man. I think he is an outgoing, enthusiastic person who truly wants the best for the Kansas City Royals and the players. But his act has worn thin with me. Last night was the last straw.

If you weren’t watching the game, you missed Rex Hudler telling his Royals audience to imagine Kansas City’s All-Star catcher Salvador Perez in Yankee pinstripes. Play-by-play man Ryan Lefebvre quickly tried to shut the Hud down but Hudler pushed on, trying to make some point not one single Royals fan wanted to hear. Lefebvre continued to try to talk over him and was clearly irritated by the train of thought.

I don’t know what point Rex Hudler was trying to make, and, frankly, I don’t want to know. For him to even make that statement, and try to continue it over Lefebvre’s objections, just shows how little he actually understands the Royals fan base. Fans are thrilled with Salvador Perez and his long term contract. We do not want to imagine him in Yankee pinstripes, now or ever.

Rex Hudler should be fired.

Because Hudler seems like a nice guy, I have tolerated him for the past year and a half. I have never been a fan of his feel good, rah-rah style, but there are many who like him. I cannot imagine those are in the majority. I find it more and more difficult to listen to him go on and on. His mannerisms, style, and approach annoy me to no end and lessens my enjoyment of the broadcasts. It is time for him to go.

Rex Hudler tries to be enthusiastic about the Royals but he has no stake in them other than KC being his employer. He never played for the Royals and has no history with them. He has nothing invested. If he did, he never would have made those comments last night. Those thoughts never would have entered Frank White‘s mind if he was still in the booth.

Not that I am calling for White to be reinstated to the booth. I would like that but I understand that is never going to happen. Surely, though, there are other options for Fox Sports and the Royals to have in the broadcast booth. I know Jeff Montgomery doesn’t have the biggest personality in the world, and doesn’t have the best TV voice I have ever heard, but he would certainly be better in this role than Hudler.

Another option might be Mike Macfarlane. He has broadcast experience and is clear spoken, though some may not like his higher pitched nasally tone. He is extremely knowledgeable about the game. Of course, guys like Montgomery and Macfarlane have to be willing to accept the job with all of its time and travel requirements. It seems as if Monty is doing a lot of the traveling already.

I never understood why Rex Hudler was hired in the first place. Again, maybe Fox Sports and the Royals had trouble finding appropriate people with Royals history who wanted to commit to the 6-month travel grind. They need to dig deeper or sweeten the incentive a bit.

The Royals television ratings haven’t been better, despite Hudler. Think how good they would be without him. As we approach the All-Star break there is another move the Royals absolutely need to make: cut Rex Hudler. Telling Royal fans to imagine our young star Salvador Perez playing for the Yankees just isn’t acceptable and a move needs to be made.


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  • Jeff Carpenter

    Another name to add to the posibilities for me would be Mike Sweeney. When they played in LA earlier this year he spent a couple of innings in the booth with HUD and LaFebver, in my opinion was very good.

    • Ben Nielsen

      Good call, Jeff.

  • Joel Wagler

    Jeff – that’s another good choice. Hadn’t even thought of Sweeney. With his younger family, not sure if he would be willing to travel right now, or move back to KC, but he would be excellent.

  • Josh Hofstetter

    “I have never been a fan of his feel good, rah-rah style,”

    “We do not want to imagine him in Yankee pinstripes, now or ever.
    Rex Hudler should be fired.”

    So you don’t want him to pump sunshine, unless you want him to. Got it.

    • Joel Wagler


      • Josh Hofstetter

        Your opinion on this subject is that of an idiot. He was just saying that Royals fans love Salvy, and they will talk him up to anyone who will listen, but if he were in NY, everyone would know who he is. Apparently, some of you got butthurt because of former Royals who left to pay in larger markets. Stop crying. Rex is the most entertaining color guy in the business. Get over yourself if you take baseball that seriously.

        • Ben Nielsen

          I watched the Video Machine last night and could not find any evidence Rex is the best color guy in the business.

          • Josh Hofstetter

            People with above average IQ were able to. Sorry about your brain.

          • Ben Nielsen

            I can only assume Rex has been passing you extra cookies with BBQ sauce on it. Lay off the cookies, buddy.

          • http://lerner-reports.tumblr.com/ JBL918

            Fascinating that a guy who uses terms like “butthurt,” and says things like “former Royals who left to pay in larger markets” would have the gall to insult other people’s intelligence.

          • jayhwk01

            Easy JBL. Guy probably is a Cards fan.

        • jayhwk01

          I know right? Crazy to think a baseball writer might take the game he is passionate about seriously. I mean the nerve! If that equals an idiot then give me more of them because there are far to many sports writers going through the motions and have lost their passion many columns ago. This topic was the heat of KC sports radio all day today so Joel is hardly alone and in fact is in the majority. Steven St. John went ballistic on 810 this morning and nearly melted down he was so pissed off at Hudler and he was far from alone.
          I like Rex and I like him a lot but it is pretty clear as Joel said I am in the minority and I honestly don’t think he will be around next year. Most Royals fans just don’t care for his antics. You can also count me among the Royals fans that are “butthurt” about Royals leaving to larger markets because it sucks and I would question the passion and heart of any real fan who did not think it sucks. Royals fans have put up with it for years so yeah….it gets old real fast. Keep bringing the heat and the passion Joel! Love it!

          • Josh Hofstetter

            Calling for a guy’s job because he stated the obvious is hardly “bringing the heat.” It’s more accurately jumping to a stupid conclusion. The only thing arguable about how Hud went about saying what he said, is the fact that he should have explained it like he was talking to 5-year-olds. He must have made the mistake of deciding that some of you idiots could form complete thoughts on your own, rather than regurgitating opinions your heard from some shock jocks that can only get ratings by stirring up controversy that never existed.

          • http://lerner-reports.tumblr.com/ JBL918

            And again…you act completely belligerent and call people stupid, then go on to say totally nonsensical crap.
            “Regurgitating opinions your heard from some shock jocks..?” First off, learn to edit. Typos and misspellings don’t bode well for someone trying to show everyone else how dumb they are. Secondly, the only broadcaster discussed here is Rex Hudler. Is he the “shock jock” you’re referring to? The one who apparently has convinced all the “morons” out there that he…Rex Hudler…should be fired?? Take my advice: don’t comment so much. Clearly the less you say, the smarter you look.

          • Josh Hofstetter

            Since you are obsessed with me, I will respond to you! You are overcome with joy! Sometimes my SWYPE app will think I meant to type “pay” instead of “play” or “your” instead of “you.” The text box shows up very small on my phone since this site is not mobile-friendly, therefore, I do not waste my time trying to scroll back up to read every letter that I put in the comments section of a sports blog. To answer your idiotic question about which “shock jocks” I was referring to, that would be the sports radio guys that were up in arms over this non-issue. And before you say something else to further cement yourself as a complete invalid, yes, someone in these comments (other than me) referenced a sports radio broadcaster who was also calling for Rex to be fired. Any more brain busters? Go take a nap or something, maybe post about the NW Arkansas Naturals, because you are clearly not ready for the majors. You get too much enjoyment about my phone leaving the letter L out of a word.

          • jayhwk01

            I referenced Steven St. John but referring to him as a “shock jock” is laughable at best. My favorite part of your incoherent rant without a point other than highlighting your penchant for non nonsensical statements was where you accused the writer of this blog of regurgitating what was said on radio. Good point except for the fact the original piece was posted before many of the most critical of the radio shows had even hit the airwaves. St. John was about the only guy who really ranted about it before this piece came out. Maybe the “shock jocks” were repeating what Joel had wrote. Anyway last word is yours not that it matters much as you make less and less sense with each post.

          • Josh Hofstetter

            First of all, I’d like to point out that I’m now in an argument with someone who thinks 11am is before 6am. Secondly, you are the one who said SSJ went “ballistic” and nearly “melted down.” If those are not characteristics of a shock jock, I don’t know what is. Would he have to commit suicide on air? I don’t listen to him much, but maybe he is the KU homer on the border patrol, and that would make sense as to why you are defending him. Like I said, though, I don’t listen to that show much, so maybe he isn’t the KU guy, but I know on that show there is one that loves KU more than anything on earth. Either way, nothing I said on here is even close to as “nonsensical” as calling for a guy’s job for pointing out that NY is bigger than KC.

          • jayhwk01

            “before MANY of…. St John was ABOUT the only guy before…” Read closer because clearly reading comprehension is not your strong suit. And for the record St. John is the MU homer on that show not that that has anything to do with Hudler and the Royals but whatever makes you feel better. Broke my own rule…last word really is yours this time.

  • jayhwk01

    I think the point Hudler was trying to make was that if Sal was in a Spankee uni he would get a lot more national love and maybe have been an All Star last year. And you know what…..he is right. Same could be said of Billy Butler, Alex Gordon, Escobar, etc. You think Holland is an AS if he is a Yank? Probably.

    I despise the Yanks as much or more than any Royals fan and I think in Hud’s own “special” way he tried to make a valid point and couldn’t get out of his own way. He does that a lot and frankly it is one of his appeals. He is the everyday guy just rooting for the team and spouting off.
    A valid argument can be made for him being let go based on many don’t like him but last night really was no different than many of his other comments. Honestly I thought the exchange between Hud and Ryan was pretty funny the way they went back and forth. You want to make a real broadcasting compliant? Make on about the back and forth seemingly 9 man rotation in the radio and TV booth. That drives me nuts.

  • B.J. Herr

    Bring back Frank White!!!!!!!!

  • pecota111

    Thank you for the article, Joel. I missed Hud’s comments because I listen to the radio broadcast as I watch the game. I gave Rex a few weeks last year then stopped listening to the TV audio because I found him so annoying. Move Physioc to TV full time and bring Ryan back to the radio.

  • Lee Dresser

    The only problem I have with Rex Hudler is his grammar…Too many “He should have WENT home”, He could have CAME in to score”, “They have GAVE up too many runs”….c’mon, Rex you’re a professional broadcaster and speaker….this is FOURTH GRADE GRAMMAR stuff! Work on getting your tenses right! And of course there’s always the wonderful “Where it’s AT!” It’s before the AT and should be “Where it is”. No need for the AT, and even though just about everybody says it, that doesn’t mean it’s correct…..Understand Rex, that this is friendly advice from a fan (and a fellow voice performer) who just wants to help you improve your delivery. Keep up the good work, and work on those tenses….you’ll be a better man for it!
    Lee Dresser