Kansas Recruiting Profile: Clark Kent


Hometown: Smallville, Kansas

Height: 6-foot-3

Weight: 235 pounds

Position: Guard

Status: Signed LOI June 14, 2013


Kent could be considered “Super Human” by most standards. He has been seen lifting over 1 million tons in the weight room, has been clocked at speeds of about mach 9, and appears to have telescopic vision, though this has not been proven yet by scouts. These tools allow him to score at will and defend at an elite level.

His raw tools are sustained by an incredible ability to stay fresh, allowing him to log an incredible amount of minutes without looking fatigued. Kent has never missed a minute due to injury.


Former coaches and teammates have nothing but praise for his leadership on and off the court. He is considered a “master tactician and strategist” with the ball in his hands and is willing to give the ball to the open man.

Kent has an indomitable will which keeps in immune from all forms of temptation. As a result he has never been in trouble, is obnoxiously polite and kind, and is a great influence in the community.

An added bonus is that he is multi-lingual and is proficient in English, German, Russian, Japanese, and Italian. These skills have helped him build solid relationships with players from foreign countries.


Kent appears to play at his worst when playing on courts made of Kryptonite. He is much slower and appears to be constantly fatigued. There are currently no Kryptonite courts in the BIG 12 as the substance is hard to come by, but don’t be surprised if Texas manages to  unearth a Kryptonite court at some point before the start of next season.

There are rumors that Kent also vulnerable to black magic and certain telepathic acts, while also having vision issues around lead. Baylor head coach Scott Drew can confirm the “black magic” part.

Finally, Kent will disappear for hours without giving details about he whereabouts. This has yet to affect his team on the court but you can imagine how it would be a problem if he just disappeared during the middle of a game like Ben McLemore did.


Clark Kent has a chance to be one of the best players to ever put on a Kansas uniform. His strength, speed, and intelligence allows him to dominate in every phase of the game and should lead Kansas to yet another Final Four.

VERDICT: Kent will be good – very good – but not quite as good as Andrew Wiggins.

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