Aug 11, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; NFL: Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Terrell Owens (10) stands with his teammates during pregame warmups against the Tennessee Titans at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Terrell Owens To The Chiefs?

Terrell Owens wants to play for the Chiefs.

…Or Vikings.

…Or someone who runs the West Coast offense.

Owens sited the Chiefs and Vikings as teams that would be the bests fits for him in an attempt to re-enter the NFL as a wide receiver. The last time Owens played in the NFL was in 2010 when he caught 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns for the Cincinnati Bengals. He was cut by the Seattle Seahawks last season before the season started.


Owens still burns to play, and his best recourse is to stay in shape (never a problem for T.O.) while keeping his name in the public consciousness. And so it was that Owens rolled out of bed early on Wednesday for a morning of chatter on NFL Network’s “NFL AM.”

Has Owens heard from another NFL team since his release from the Seahawks?

“Nothing as of right now,” he said. “So I understand the process. Obviously teams are really taking a closer look in evaluating their younger players. Being a free agent, I understand that later in the months as training camp starts, they’ll start looking for veterans.”

Though he obviously can’t be choosy at this stage, Owens explained his best fit would come with a team operating a West Coast offense. He cited the Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs as options.

For his career, Owens has been one of the greatest statistical receivers of all-time. His 1,078 catches (6th), 15,934 receiving yards (2nd), 153 touchdown catches (3rd), and 72.8 receiving yards per game (10th) all rank in the top 10 all-time for NFL receivers. He has been named to the AP’s All-Pro team five times and been to the Pro Bowl six times.

The problem with Owens have been his off-field antics, which include a memorable taunt on the Star at Cowboys Stadium and feuding with just about every starting quarterback he has ever played for. In addition to those questions, Owens is 39-years-old and probably could not fulfill the special teams roles needed from a back-up wide receiver.

So considering Owens age, the role he would fill, and potential head aches, it would not make a ton of sense for the Chiefs to bring him in.

Then again, the Chiefs have a ton of issues at wide receiver behind Dwayne Bowe. Andy Reid and John Dorsey brought in Donnie Avery to play on the other side of Bowe, and KC still has former first round pick Jonathan Baldwin along with other former draft picks Dexter McCluster and Devon Wylie.

But Baldwin, McCluster, and Wylie have yet to produce at a consistent level for the Chiefs. In 75 combined games the threesome has contributed just 166 catches for 1,521 yards and five touchdowns. Remember, in 2010 Owens totaled 983 yards and nine touchdowns at age 37. McCluster has 989 yards receiving in his three-year career.

The idea of giving Owens a look in training camp couldn’t hurt the Chiefs, especially considering they do not have a true number two option to Bowe. Yes, Owens and Bowe have the same skill set – physical, possession receivers who use their size to gain yards after the catch – but at this stage of the offseason Kansas City isn’t going to find a number two receiver in free agency or a trade.

If Kansas City is going to gamble on Baldwin, Avery, McCluster, and Wylie to fill in behind Bowe, it can’t hurt to add Owens into that mix at least for the preseason.

What do you guys think: Does inviting Owens to training camp make sense for the Chiefs?

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18 Comments on Terrell Owens To The Chiefs?

  1. TAZMOSIS says:

    Just stop with this Owens nonsense!

  2. Joel Wagler says:

    His baggage probably out weighs any positives he may bring.

  3. mnelson52 says:

    I think he would disrupt the chemistry the Chiefs are now building.

    • antony555 says:

      I would like to know how he would accomplish this, you ppl are only seeing the past, and have no clue what are how he could help this team, helping the younger receivers with routes as he has played in this offense in his best years and I admit talked to much but at the same time happened to be a 1,000 yd receiver also what chemistry they have not played a game together yet except for the Vets and how many of them are left.
      I will never question TO as he played in that Championship game with Dallas and no one could hold him even with a broken leg, all the other things considered he is a competitor..

  4. jayhwk01 says:

    Can’t think of a more deserving team to get that tool.

    • DTVTechGuy says:

      Your basketball team called to remind you that is the ONLY sport KU can play.

      Just a friendly reminder.

      • jayhwk01 says:

        “My” pro football team holds 5 Super Bowl rings and already made the T.O. mistake and my college team hoops team could have beat you pro football team last year. Chefs are a god awful franchise.

        • DTVTechGuy says:

          Not hard to jump on a Superbowl winning teams Bandwagon. I prefer to be a fan.

          How far did the Jayhawks make it last year again?

        • antony555 says:

          Do you have a problem are did you just get up on the wrong side of the bed dweeb, actually getting up turning on your online cowardness and angering people is not my idea of making friends..

          • antony555 says:

            An actually TO knows This is his last go around and wants only to Go out on a positive way that one day he might see Canton his numbers support it, also the way contracts can and are structured he see’s no money if there are any problems with his behavior that including a media gag order and let’s face it one the guy is in playing shape right now and he needs the money. Actually I don’t see anything wrong with another older version of Bowe in case Baldwin stinks again and lastly during his career he never was labeled a dropper but was a playmaker that was able to backup his mouth with his play

  5. jayhwk01 says:

    If by bandwagon you mean rooting for the same teams since the 70′s then you got me. Which of course has nothing to do with the Chiefs being an awful franchise. Guessing but you were likely not even alive the last time KC sniffed the Super Bowl let alone won one. What near 50 years ago now?

    • antony555 says:

      Why don’t you go play with your ROC Taw J hawk doll..

      • jayhwk01 says:

        I don’t know what that means but I am pretty sure somebody has their pretty pink Chief panties in a bunch.
        Now calm down and go watch the Chefs win the Super Bowl on your Great Grandpas 8mm Sears and Roebuck projector.

        • antony555 says:

          Its self explanatory man-up and go pick some Sun flowers troll, and by the way who cares what are who your team is. You missed the question all together if it was not for that comment you made about 5 SBs you sound like a Raider fan. Maybe there maybe a blog for ppl who worship the team you are referring too. So you should honer it with your presents funny dude..

          • jayhwk01 says:

            You are about as good at this game as you are at spelling and grammar or the Chief winning Super Bowls.
            I just cannot bring myself to shoot an unarmed man and you are about as unarmed as they come. Carry on Montesquieu.

          • antony555 says:

            With someone such as yourself I really did not think good grammar and spelling was necessary, now leave the page for real men and go play with your Jayhawk doll..

          • jayhwk01 says:

            So easy….

          • antony555 says:

            Youngster you have to have watched a game at Municipal Stadium to really understand the real love of the KC Chiefs..

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