Know Your Knights: Chris

This weekend, KC Kingdom welcomed a new knight to our round table. Chris Smith is that knight and Ben and I are pleased to have him joining our team. His addition gives us another resource to provide additional coverage of the Kansas City Chiefs in the coming months. He has already published a couple of articles, which you can read about Jamaal Charles and the new regime in Kansas City. Chris did take some time to answer the same eight “biographical” questions that the rest of us have done along the way.

Meet your knight:

How did you become a fan of the team you’re covering?

  I became a fan of the Chiefs in the early 90’s  when I moved to Ft. Riley, Kansas, and loved watching their accumulative talent, including Joe Montana and Derrick Thomas.

Where did you grow up and where do you currently live?

I grew up in many different places being an Army brat, including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Oregon. I eventually decided to be closer to where most of my family live and I currently reside in Pell City, Alabama (30 minutes east of Birmingham).

What is your college/educational background?

After high school I attended Colby College (collegiate origins of UFC Heavyweight Daniel Cormier – also my former teammate) in Colby, Kansas for 3 semesters, and most recently attend a  junior college in Birmingham to become a Radiologist.

What do you do for a living?

I have been a professional truck driver for the last 5 years.

 What is your family situation (wife, kids, etc.)?

I have 2 beautiful daughters, Aaliyah (6) and Zakira (4). They are my world and when I’m not writing or driving, I am playing with barbies.

What do you like to do for fun (sports related or otherwise)?

For fun, I enjoy boat riding/ relaxing, fishing, and playing soccer with my kids.

What is your favorite sports moment or memory?

My favorite sports memory is having an un stellar performance in my district wrestling championship of my senior year in high school and re-establishing myself by having a top 3 finish in the Oregon State Freestyle Championships.

What are your least favorite team(s) and why?

My least favorite team is the Oakland Raiders. Why? Because they are my team’s arch nemesis.


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