Jamaal Charles the Punter?

After the Chiefs All-Pro back Tweeted earlier about the day in the life of a punter, I began to think outside the box for a minute and came up with the following:


5 ways Coach Reid could fully utilize JC’s potential


5. Charles could work on new touchdown celebrations while the 2nd & 3rd string backs see some action.


4. He could pioneer a new breed of punter in the NFL (since he would fake the punt 98% of the time).


3. The Chiefs would be more successful on 4th down than the Raiders (whom had 4 conversions out of 16 attempts in 2012 – 31st in the league)… Oh wait, they already are better than them!


2. With all do respect to Colquitt as a punter, have you seen him try to tackle?


1. If Jamaal’s leg isn’t as strong as Colquitts’ then at least he could run fast enough to beat the other 21 players to the ball (it’s possible).


Nothing excites me more than watching Charles perform on game days. Although we won’t ever see him attempt a punt or fulfill my top 5 list, at least I will have the comfort – along with other Chiefs fans – knowing that we have the best damn back in the NFL on our team!

Thanks for the off-season laughs Jamaal, keep ‘em coming!

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