Wiggins to Announce Tuesday

Top overall men’s basketball recruit Andrew Wiggins will announce which school he will be attending on Tuesday around 12:15. He will not hold a press conference but given his importance to the 2013-2014 NCAA season I think it is safe to say we will know where he has chosen to go to school very quickly after his announcement.

The news of Wiggins decision date camp from Rob Fulford, head basketball coach at Huntington Prep in West Virginia, where Wiggins is currently playing.


The four schools thought to be in the running for Wiggins include Kansas, Kentucky, Florida State, and North Carolina. Information out of the Wiggins camp has been next to none but that doesn’t mean speculation hasn’t been rampant. Most speculation points to Florida State – where Wiggins’ parents went to school – and Kentucky – who lands seemingly every major prospect – being the front runners.

No matter where Wiggins chooses to go to school, Kentucky will be considered the favorite to win the national championship next year. Should Wiggins commit to Kentucky the question then becomes whether or not the Wildcats can become one of the most dominant college teams of all-time.

Florida State could use Wiggins as a kick-starter to propel their team into the national spotlight, while North Carolina could use his services to boost their Final Four chances.

Should Kansas land Wiggins they will become one of the top teams to potentially knock off Kentucky along with Florida, Louisville, Duke, and Oklahoma State. Without Wiggins, Kansas will have a very hard time extending their Big 12 championship run but should still be a top 15 or 20 team.

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