Mar 13, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs general manager John Dorsey speaks to media during the press conference at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Dolphins Interested in Chiefs No. 1 Pick?

A report from Great Blue North Draft Report says the Miami Dolphins may be looking to trade up to the number one overall pick in the draft to select either Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher. The report sites a source that Miami has Joeckel and Fisher rated considerably higher than Lane Johnson who many assumed the Dolphins would trade up to pick.

The article also notes that Miami general manager Jeff Ireland said at his pre-draft press conference that because of their extra second and third round picks they may be willing to move all the way up to the number one pick in the draft if needed.

Miami holds the 12th overall pick in the draft, the 11th (42nd overall) and  24th (54th overall) picks in the second round, and the 15th (77th overall) and 20th (82nd overall) picks in the third round.

Should the Chiefs make a deal with Miami, they would probably command the 12th overall pick and one of Miami’s second rounds for sure. A third pick would likely be negotiated and may be deferred to next season. Kansas City sent a 2nd round pick this year and a conditional pick next year for Alex Smith earlier in the offseason.

There has been plenty of rumors that the Chiefs wanted to trade the pick but there hasn’t been much news about who could trade for the pick. Miami would make a lot of sense for the Chiefs given their wealth of mid-round picks and their need for a left tackle. Some had even speculated Miami would be the landing place for Branden Albert in a trade.

A trade with Miami would be a wonderful development for the Chiefs, who would still get a very good player at 12 overall and recover the picks they lost in the Alex Smith trade. Between a 1st round pick, an added second round pick, and two third round picks, the Chiefs would be in a good position to bring in a very solid draft haul.

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  • Tommy Gosling

    Not going two happen…..

    • Ben

      Why is that

      • Ryan Pinczer

        Well simply put if they traded 11 spot there would be more than just a second and 3rd like the article says! Basically they would have to give up way more than that from a value stand point chiefs pick is worth 3000 points and 12th pick is 1200 They have to make up for 1800 points and the chiefs wont just take a pick thats only worth 480 points and a third which is nothing! Just hard to see the chiefs take so little to pass up on a stud! If that helps at all

        • Pygskyn

          The problem is that this year the top end talent is so underwhelming and the depth of talent is so deep that the standard point system just doesn’t hold water this year and NFL GM’s everywhere know it.

          • Ryan Pinczer

            Yeah i see ur point but still feels real risky to give up so little to move back so darn far! But hey maybe maimi will give up this years second and a third and next years 2nd!

          • Pygskyn

            Yeah, i agree, I don’t think I like the idea of them trading all the way up to number one. Even in this year where the points that #1 would cost us are at a minimum, I still think they could just move up to the top 5, spend less, and still get one of the few true premium players in the draft. (either of the two top OT’s or Millner, any of which I would be doing cartwheels for)

  • toperspective

    Would make no sense to trade back to 11 only to pick up a 2nd. Might as well take the guy that you really want……the guy who will anchor the line for 10 years.

    • Matthew J Bailey

      Miami is at #12, not #11, and it would take far more than a 2nd. Which is why it’s likely less than 1% Miami would consider it. It’s just part of the pre-draft smokescreen. The value would suggest the Dolphins might send a 2nd to move up…but that would take them no higher than 5th/6th, but they’d likely prefer to trade a 3rd or 4th to just move up a couple spots….IF Lane Johnson slid to where that might be an option.

      The only teams that would pay the price needed for #1 would be targeting Geno Smith, not a OL.

      And, as you note, why would KC pass on getting the best linemen in the draft for a 2nd tier player (or two). Their first move after taking over is passing on Joeckel? That doesn’t seem like a good way to start your tenure.

      If KC wants an extra 2nd, it would make far more sense to trade Miami Albert.

      • toperspective

        The problem is that I don’t think Albert is in demand due to his 9M franchise tag and his apparent high contract demands. The market price for LT’s seems to have dropped and whoever trades for Albert is stuck with the 9M..

  • Matthew J Bailey

    Ireland was obviously using hyperbole. He said they have the ammunition (extra picks) to do that…but that it would be unlikely. Miami isn’t giving away their deep draft for one guy. He was just showing the extremes possible in Miami’s situation based on extra picks. Talk about taking an off hand comment and running with it…

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