Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Central Michigan offensive lineman Eric Fisher speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Joeckel May Not Be a Lock For Chiefs

Luke Joeckel may not be the top pick for the Kansas City Chiefs after all. According to Mike Mayock’s new positional rankings, drafting Joeckel number one overall means they would be selecting the second best offensive tackle in the draft as he has elevated Eric Fisher into the stop spot of his rankings.

What this may mean for the Chiefs is Joeckel may not be the definitive answer with the number one overall pick. It has been assumed Joeckel was the best tackle in the draft and that is where the Chiefs would go. And while Fisher was considered to be very good, Joeckel was still the better prospect. That has appeared to change as we’ve gotten closer to the draft.

This doesn’t mean the Chiefs won’t go for Fisher at number one instead of Joeckel, but shows the amount of doubt that still exists amongst evaluators who the best player in the draft will be. Kansas City has not scheduled a private workout with any of the top players in the draft except for Geno Smith. Earlier in the week we thought things were clearing up a bit as to who the Chiefs would take number one overall. This kind of news doesn’t change that very much as Fisher was one of the three people named as a player the Chiefs may draft.

What does change is the perception of how close Fisher and Joeckel are as players. It would appear the gap between Fisher and Joeckel is non-existent according to the scouts which makes choosing between the two even harder for a team like the Chiefs.

Another potential perspective is this could add more value to the Chiefs first round pick. If another team who needs a left tackle thought Fisher was the best pick and/or fit for their team, the odds that Fisher may drop down to them have now increased. If Kansas City is good with either Joeckel or Fisher, they may be willing to trade down with a team who feels Fisher is their guy.

As the draft gets closer expect the uncertainty to only rise amongst the media, but know that the Chiefs have probably already made their decision – the way they are handling their private workouts only reinforce this idea – and are now doing what they can to add more picks heading into the draft. I still feel that so goes the Brandon Albert negotiations, so goes the Chiefs number one pick.

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