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Experts React to the Alex Smith Trade

Earlier this week, it was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs had agreed to a trade with the San Francisco 49ers to bring Alex Smith to Kansas City.  The deal is not official until March 12, so there is some speculation as to what exactly the Chiefs gave up for Smith. Early reports indicate that the Chiefs’ 2013 2nd round draft pick is part of the deal.

Here is what the experts had to say about the Chiefs acquiring Smith:

Rich Eisen, NFL Network Analyst

“I think it’s a great move. You look at the landscape…. who is the best one out there. Head and Shoulders away, Alex Smith. No one comes close, no one, nobody. At least in Kansas City you can say, this guy has been to a championship game, this guy with the right coaching has shown what he can do. This guy is a good guy in the community, he is smart. I really like this move for Kansas City.”

Matt Miller, NFL Draft Lead Writer

“Smith was the best option for the Chiefs at QB this year. The Chiefs finally have a quarterback they can build around for the next three to five seasons.”

London Fletcher, NFL Analyst

“The thing that stood out about Alex Smith is 30 TDs, 10 INTs the last two years. Being a game manager isn’t a bad thing. He’ll make them better just from that standpoint alone.”

Darren Sharper, NFL Network

“Alex Smith can have success.”

Tedy Bruschi, ESPN

“It’s a good move for the Kansas City Chiefs. What they need is a good decision maker. Alex Smith is that guy Coach, he makes good decisions with the ball he’s going to be good for this football team.”

Herm Edwards, ESPN

“This team is ready to win now, they need a quarterback. They have some weapons on offense. He has a football team right now that they need a leader on offense.  I think Alex Smith brings that to the table.”

Trey Wingo, ESPN

“Remember that Monday night game before he got hurt. He was 18 of 19, very efficient. Doesn’t have to throw it a lot. So it’s a good move for Kansas City.”

Adam Schefter, ESPN

“Alex Smith is a quarterback Andy Reid has always liked from the time he was coming out of college and was the #1 pick of the 49ers ahead of Aaron Rodgers.”

Heath Evans, NFL Network

“If you give a balanced attack to this quarterback Alex Smith, I think you will have success and I think the division might be a task they can obtain from the Denver Broncos.”

The consensus seems to be that Alex Smith is a good fit for Kansas City and could be the quarterback to lead them back into the playoffs.

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