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Fan Perspective: Chiefs Cannot Draft Luke Joeckel

Luke Joeckel is not the answer for the Kansas City Chiefs. Our Chiefs have never had a first round pick in the NFL draft – never! The fact that they are considering throwing it away to replace a player that is already playing at a very high level is astounding. Allowing Branden Albert to walk and replacing him by using our first round pick on Joeckel doesn’t make sense to a fan. We want to see improvement in our Chiefs, not lateral movement. Joeckel for Albert is lateral movement. Albert is already rated the 13th best offensive tackle according to Matt Miller.

The Chiefs have not been  good in recent years and that has resulted in quite a few high draft picks but never the top pick in the draft. Here are the most notable picks:

As a fan, I expect the Chiefs to select a pick that will be a significant upgrade to the team. Throw out the Best Available Player nonsense; it needs to be someone that gets me excited after watching our Chiefs be the worst team in football. That’s why the last four #1 picks were quarterbacks. There has been one tackle and two defensive ends but other than that the last 15 picks were all quarterbacks. As a Chiefs’ fan, I expect my Chiefs to use the pick on something that will be a significant upgrade to my team.

A quarterback is preferred because not only is it sexy, it’s needed. I would settle for someone who will sack the quarterback and disrupt the running game. I might even take a guy who can leap tall buildings to catch a pass, or sprint so fast he can outrun almost anyone! Don’t look now folks, but I just called out the same position twice. Geno Smith is a quarterback, and recorded the fastest QB time this year.  He is within 5 one hundreds of a second of Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton, and Russell Wilson. With the success of those guys over the last two years, it’s the pick I want as a fan.

From a fan’s perspective, the Chiefs cannot draft Luke Joeckel. As a franchise, we just can’t replace what we already have with our only#1 pick in history. We must upgrade, and there is no better way to do it than by drafting a high profile star that fills a need.

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3 Comments on Fan Perspective: Chiefs Cannot Draft Luke Joeckel

  1. Wally Fish says:

    Couldn’t disagree more. If Joeckel is the best player you take him and work to make the pieces fit. There are a lot of OT options on the FA market this year which will help KC resign Albert to a more reasonable price if they want to.

    The organization has been oddly public that they can both draft Joeckel and resign Albert and that’s what I expect to happen. It’s also what I regard as the best and smartest move the team can make as things stand right now.

  2. jimfetterolf says:

    Chiefs biggest need at QB is health insurance and Joeckel is that. Albert can move back to guard or RT. All starts with the OL. Matt Cassell was good behind a top-notch line.

    All the rumors have Alex Smith getting traded for and there should be a selection of QBs in the 2nd round, where all of them belong.

  3. GregAbdul says:

    Geno is too risky. My pick is Warmack.

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