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Free Agency Options for Chiefs: Our Own

Free Agency is the twinkle in a daddy’s eye. The Washington Redskins are probably the poster child under Dan Snyder. In the past, they always seemed to spend money in free agency that didn’t translate to wins on the field. Everyone can remember a free agent that was discussed and guaranteed a Super Bowl birth and that didn’t materialize. See Denver Broncos 2012. There is rarely a single free agent that will take a team over the top. There is rarely a team that has only a single need. With those things being said, where do our Kansas City Chiefs need to focus in free agency 2013? We’ve covered most positions on the field and identified depth and the starters that are available but here are some “Must Signs” for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs currently have 17 unrestricted free agents, compared with say, the Seattle Seahawks, who have only seven. So who is it they really need to sign?

Dwayne Bowe: He and Jamaal Charles have been the only bright spots on an offense that has been horrible for years. Imagine what he could do if he was being thrown to by a quality quarterback. There are free agents that could replace him, but why? There is no guarantee the Chiefs would be able to land one of those top flight receivers, so keep what you have while you have the opportunity to be the only voice in his ear.

Branden Albert: He is a top 10 left tackle in the league. Negotiate a contract or franchise him, but keep him. The Chiefs have much more significant issues to address with the #1 pick. Keep Albert and get a QB, DL, or OLB.

Dustin Colquitt: He’s one of the top punters in the league, a pro bowl player. He should be a priority and a steal at the estimated 2.5 million it would take to keep him.

These are the only “must signs” the Chiefs have on their roster. All other players would be easy to replace. They are (or should be) backups, or even 3rd stringers. Travis Daniels is a good cornerback, but a rookie with top flight potential could easily replace him. Since the defensive scheme will change somewhat, everyone will be learning new anyway, so keeping him is not a great necessity. Glenn Dorsey is a debatable fixture on the defensive line but his play has been underwhelming. Give Anthony Toribio a shot if you resign him. Jake O’Connell has also not impressed as a tight end. Brady Quinn is an obvious person to let go. In all, this is a pretty solid year for the Chiefs roster.  Deal with the QB, OLB, and CB issues and I would be optimistic moving forward.

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