Kansas Jayhawks Men's Basketball Does the Harlem Shake

I need to offer a disclaimer. I’m still not sure I understand this internet meme, but I also can’t help being entertained by the myriad of variations on the theme.

For anyone who hasn’t seen these videos yet, here’s the formula:

  • A lone person dances in a mask or helmet while a song by a DJ named Baauer plays.
  • Everyone else in the scene goes about their business as if there isn’t a lone person dancing in a mask or helmet.
  • About halfway through the music dies down and in a sudden cut, everyone else in the scene is joining in, flailing around, often in costume or with previously unseen props.

It’s really something that couldn’t exist without the randomness of the internet. And the Kansas Jayhawks have jumped in on the trend with a fantastic rendition of their own. They’ve already gone viral this season with the “Dancing Ben McLemore” gif.

Now they get to toss their Harlem Shake into the internet grab bag.

Here are my Harlem Shake MVPs:

  • Ben McLemore, who provides the obvious callback by doing the same moves he used in the gif – but wearing a chicken mask.
  • Kevin Young, who didn’t do much in the gif, but this time, he’s in the back in what looks to be a Hawaiian shirt and a hockey mask.
  • Justin Wesley, who hasn’t played much this year but brought it strong by wearing a kilt and dancing front and center.
  • Bill Self, who opens the video by fighting as long as he can but finally can’t help – even in his derision – accepting the dance.

Honorable mention goes to Naadir Tharpe who passes through the front of the scene spinning around in a vest. The creepy award goes to (I believe) Elijah Johnson, who you’ll see creeping along the left side in a gray hoodie, black ski mask and a Christmas hat.


Kansas plays Texas tomorrow night in Allen Fieldhouse. I can almost guarantee this video will show up at some point during a timeout.

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