Vick staying with the Eagles might be a precursor to Cassel's return to the Chiefs. (Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

The Michael Vick Deal and the Chiefs Parallel

Your starting quarterback was benched during the year. He had 10 interceptions, 11 fumbles, and only 12 touchdowns. He completed 58% of his passes, which is an improvement over his career average of 56%. His QB rating is 78, which is 9th worst in the league.  This is the same quarterback you just restructured and plan on keeping around for 2013. I’m not talking about Matt Cassel, even though the story wouldn’t be much different (except the restructuring part). These are the stats and storyline of Michael Vick.

What happened in Philadelphia this week with Michael Vick and new head coach Chip Kelly tell us a lot about what could happen in Kansas City this year. Michael Vick was led by Andy Reid, the new Chiefs head coach. He knows Vick, and benched him. The Vick signing tells us the truth about the NFL. There are not a lot of starting QBs available.

Michael Vick is definitely in the twilight of his career but Chip Kelly thinks he is worth keeping around. After all who would replace him anyway?

So let’s replay the story, but this time from the Chiefs perspective.

Your starting quarterback was benched during the year. He had 12 interceptions, 9 fumbles, and 6 touchdowns. He completed only 58.1% of his passes, which is a 0.8 decrease from his career average of 58.9%. His QB rating was 66.7, which was the worst in the league.

Is it really out of the realm of possibility that the Chiefs will restructure Matt Cassel’s deal, or just bring him back on his current deal?

Don’t laugh Chiefs fans, it could happen!

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