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Royals Should Have A Better Team Slogan

The Kansas City Royals released their lackluster 2013 team slogan yesterday, the ever stirring “Come To Play.”  Yawn.  After last season’s bold, but ultimately ill timed “Our Time”, which was pretty much abandoned by mid season, the team rolled out a generic slogan used by at least two other American League teams in the last eleven years – the 2003 Detroit Tigers and the 2004 Texas Rangers.  If the Royals wanted to pay someone for this, I would have worked for much cheaper.

After kicking around numerous ideas for about fifteen minutes, I came up with several candidate slogans for the Royals.  The cynic in me really liked “Can’t Lose Forever,” or “Gotta Win Someday.”  I decided these just weren’t positive enough.  I thought back to last season’s success stories of the A’s and Orioles and it just clicked – “Why Not Us?”  That seemed pretty good to me.  I thought I could do even better though.

I considered how active Kansas City was early in the Hot Stove season and brainstormed on that for a few minutes.  How about something that reflected Dayton Moore’s efforts, something like “Big Trades, Big Hopes”?  That’s fairly encompassing.  How about “Our Pitching Is Better”?  We’ve been hearing that rallying cry for the past two months.  I even came up with a goal oriented slogan – “Shooting for .500!”  Precise, to the point.

I thought about something to reflect some of our most ballyhooed players, something along the lines of “Grit and Smiles.”  That one fits the personality of a lot of the key pieces to the 2013 Royals.  I thought about paying tribute to some individual players like Alex Gordon, Salvador Perez, or Billy Butler with slogans like “Let’s Get Dirty,” or “Perez For President,” or “Nothing Like A Country Breakfast.”  I discarded all of these ideas as not being team oriented enough.

As bad as all of these are, they are all more interesting than the awful, bland “Come To Play.”  I liked “Our Time.”  It was at least two years too early but at least it said something.  It had a purpose.  The 2013 slogan wouldn’t inspire a bunch of pre-schoolers at recess.  The Royals probably could afford Michael Bourn if they had non tendered Luke Hochevar and hired me to write their slogan.  I’m the perfect Royals fan, forever an optimist.

How about “Believe”…

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