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Dorsey's History Gives Insight into Chiefs Future Drafts

Everyone wants to know what John Dorsey and Andy Reid will do in this year’s draft. The Kansas City Chiefs have the top pick for the first time in the history of the franchise. Everyone knows the Chiefs need a quarterback, but with Dorsey and Reid using talking points of “best player available,” there’s a lot of uncertainty regarding their direction when April 25th rolls around.

John Dorsey (Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

While there is no way to truly know the exact player the Chiefs will select first overall, we can pick up some tendencies by looking at the Green Bay Packers draft history. Since John Dorsey played an integral part in scouting and drafting, his former team’s history may give us a bit of insight into what the Chiefs will do when they are finally on the clock.

Twice in Dorsey’s time with the Packers, as director of scouting and director of operations, they had a top 10 pick. Both times they chose defense. If we exclude lineman, they drafted offensive skill positions four times – or 30% of the time. Again excluding lineman, they drafted defensive skill positions three times out of 13. In all, they drafted lineman six out of 13 times, and defense seven out of 13 times.

What does all this teach us about John Dorsey’s drafting tendencies?

For one thing, he’s very versatile. Beyond that, the primary trend is that when drafting high, they draft defense and his three highest picks were all on that side of the ball. When they did draft a QB with their first pick it was at #24 and it was Aaron Rodgers who famously fell into the Packers lap. Rodgers was the second QB taken in that draft, behind Alex Smith who went first overall. Keep in mind that this pick was while Brett Favre was still in his prime. Because there were no quarterbacks taken from #2-#23, Rodgers was definitely the best player available.

Dorsey will ultimately do what he learned in Green Bay. He learned that choosing the best available player pays off. Don’t reach, but instead pick the player that has the most value at that pick. Dorsey won’t reach on April 25th. He’ll pick the player that is most worthy of the pick. If this happens, let’s trust that they have already dealt with our most pressing need and acquired a quarterback in free agency or via trade.

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  • superman_25_58

    (This is for the Qb poll on side) Okay those of you who want Alex Smith for QB it took him 5 years and a Qb Guru coach in Harbaugh to reach his ceiling. Geno clearly has not even reached his peak yet and he is on the same level as A. Smith (IMO). So why not take the younger Qb and run with it? I’m fairly confident that he is as good as A. Smith now, so just imagine what he could be in a couple of years with the chiefs talent on the field. Look up the stats he has clearly done better with his completion rate than most quaterbacks coming out of college at 67.4%. Ya you can say it was bc of Austin and Bailey (by the way both of these guys will most likely be slot recievers not #1 or #2 bc of small stature, just like Denard Robinson Qb, Mich will be a slot reciever), Someone had to throw a perfect ball to them bc they didn’t get all those YAC on their own. If Geno can throw it to these dudes with ease, I can’t wait to see what he can do with actual recievers instead of slot recievers! Mr Hunt/Dorsey/Reid get Geno to be our field general so he can help turn our beloved KC Team to an consistent contender sooner rather than later.

  • Joel Wagler

    I agree with Scott here. I am not totally sold on A. Smith myself. His awful years are so vivid. On the other hand, I don’t want KC to go out on a limb with Geno either. If he doesn’t grade out as worthy of a high pick (not necessarily #1), then I think Dorsey should pass. If he shows enough in workouts and the combines to indicate he can be the man, then by all means grab him. One thing that is worrisome about Smith – his immaturity. I saw 2 or 3 instances of him pouting and throwing little tantrums on the bench when things weren’t going his way (much like Cam Newton, without Newton’s total ability). To me, this is a factor too. If you get a kid who is going to sulk and pout every time things go a little sideways, then you are going to have some issues on your ball team. I’m not sure I would want to be in Dorsey’s shoes over the next three months…

  • Chip Garrison

    I have to be honest, I hope they get both guys and let them compete!!