Will 49ers QB Alex Smith find new life in KC? (Photo Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports)

Will Alex Smith Wind Up With the Chiefs?

News broke yesterday that Alex Smith is demanding a release from the San Francisco 49ers. Whether or not this news is actually originating from Smith himself is uncertain. Regardless of who broke the story, it’s horrible for the 49ers who are preparing to play in the Super Bowl. With a rookie quarterback in Kaepernick, the 49ers don’t need any distractions. Even with the potential distractions that this news brings the 49ers, the reality is that this news might be great for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs have been looking for a quarterback for years. They hold the #1 Pick in the draft, but this is a very bad year to have the distinction of the worst team in football – at least in terms of wins. There is not a clear cut #1 pick at quarterback or any other position. There are also many teams looking for a new quarterback, so this means there will be lots of competition for any viable player on the market at that position. Whether the QB comes via free agency, trade or the draft there will be lots of suitors for anyone who can play.

So where could Alex Smith land should he be released from San Francisco? The Chiefs, Jaguars, and Cardinals are the teams most in need of a QB come 2013. However the Titans, Raiders, Eagles, and Vikings may also be in the hunt. The Chiefs, Jaguars, and Titans all have new head coaches and will be starting fresh so it makes sense Smith would choose one of these teams. He wants to be the starting quarterback, not end up as a backup again. The question to ask though is this: is he good enough to be a starting QB in the NFL?

Alex Smith’s rating this year was 104.1 before being benched. That’s right, he had a QB rating over 100, and was benched. Only four quarterbacks in the NFL this year finished with a rating above 100, meanwhile, the Chiefs QBs averaged:

Steve DeBerg has a QB rating over 101 for a season, and that was more than ten years ago. It’s time for Kansas City to have a major QB upgrade. Is Alex Smith what we need? I’m not sure, but he definitely would be an upgrade over our quarterback play for the last 10+ years.  Coming Soon, disecting the decision by Harbaugh to bench Smith.

What do you think, would you like to see Alex Smith as a KC Chief?

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  • Joel Wagler

    He certainly is an upgrade. I would like to see KC go get Smith and still draft a QB in the 2nd round come April.

    • superman_25_58

      The Chiefs will draft Geno Smith #1 for sure……… Just wait and see

      • http://puckettspond.com/ Wally Fish

        There is ZERO for sure – he skipped the Senior Bowl and looked terrible in the bowl game so he has a lot of work to do to prove himself to evaluators and there are questions about his intangibles and leadership skills he will have to address on top of everything else. WVU pro day and combine will also play a huge role in where he winds up. Think there is a much better chance right now that the Chiefs wind up with Tyler Wilson or Ryan Nassib but anyone is just throwing darts right now.

        • superman_25_58

          Skipping the Senior Bowl did nothing to hurt his stock if anything it seperated him from the other Qb’s in the draft. Tyler Wilson and all the other Qb’s “besides Manuels” looked like nothing more than back ups, atleast for a few years after their Senior Bowl apperances. Ej Manuel was the only Qb that looked above average. So quit with the Wilson thing bc he is no where close to Geno’s level, when he couldn’t even compete on Ej Manuels level. Go listen to the interview at 610sports.com and listen to IMG Academy’s “Director of football” talk about Geno and Tyler. Weinke has put out good Qb’s in Cam Newton, Russel Wilson, Ryan Tannehill, Christian Ponder, Kirk Cousins is now training most the top prospects in the 2013 draft. Weinke says Geno is on RG3′s level, even though RG3 has more yards on the ground they are both mobile enough to make plays with their feet. Weinke also says he is as advanced as RG3 in terms of processing information, and both are big athletic Qb’s who can drive the ball. He also says basicly that his main concern with Geno is his footwork. Weinke says Wilson has a lot of footwork to be worked on and has arm issues. He has no reason to lie on the radio about Geno and Wilson when he is training them both along with other Qb’s like Glennon, Barkley, and that Dysert kid.

          • http://puckettspond.com/ Wally Fish

            I didn’t say skipping the senior bowl hurt his stock but skipping it did take a chance for him to prove himself against talented players out of the equation. You can of course find plenty of people who will sing the praises of Geno Smith and you can find plenty on the other side who are just as reputable and educated that say drafting him would be a mistake.

            The point is that to claim to know what the Chiefs will do in the draft three months from now is foolish and jumping the gun. The Chiefs themselves surely have no idea what they’re going to do since the meat of the evaluation phase hasn’t even happened yet.

            Maybe they do wind up taking Geno 1st overall – I myself seriously that Dorsey and Reid will do that – but a lot can change between now and April 25th.

          • superman_25_58

            Well kinda sounded like that”s what it’s insinuating to me. You say Geno has a lot of proving to do, but as a matter of fact he doesn’t, that’s why he didn’t compete in the Senior Bowl. Geno was #1 going into the Senior Bowl and is still the #1 Qb after the senior bowl. Yes he does have to prove himself on WV Pro Days but I’m almost positive he won’t mess that up since he will be throwing to his own WR’s he is use to in Tayvon Austin and Stedman Bailey. So Yes he has something to prove but has a lot to prove…….. Ummm No……….. I didn’t claim to know……… Take it as a BOLD PREDICTION kinda like they do on NFL Live, and NFL32.

  • drtold

    If you throw out the last 2 years in SF (w/Harbaugh), and you are evaluating him on that, then if you want him, go get him, but I would caution you to think that you are going to get the same kind of play from him that Harbaugh did. That’s why you draft and make your own qb’s. The qb learns a system and style of play and either thrives or fails in it. Certainly the Chiefs will not be running Harbaugh’s system (without Harbaugh), but If the Chiefs think Smith can play well in their system, then by all means, go and get him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.forsythe.75 Aaron Forsythe

    Go get Smith AND draft Geno #1. This gives the best of both worlds. Geno can learn for one year behind Alex. If he can beat him out like Colin did in SF, then that is good too. Both are better than Cassel or Quinn.

    • http://puckettspond.com/ Wally Fish

      I think that’s completely unrealistic. If the 49ers let him out of his contract to become a FA, the Chiefs would have to give him a contact at least on the level they signed Cassel to and chances are the market will drive it well beyond that. Giving A.Smith a long term deal like that means Geno would be sitting for far longer than just one year which means picking any QB high in the draft isn’t going to happen. It would literally being repeating the Matt Cassel cycle a second time.

      Not to mention I can guarantee A.Smith will demand assurances from whatever team he were to sign with that they WON’T put him in the same situation he just got out of in SF.

      SF also has ZERO reason to let Smith hit the market because he’s under contract and they can afford to pay him because Kaepernick is signed for so little.

      If you get into a trade scenario, chances are they’re giving up at least their second round plus a bunch more and there’s no way I’m trading pick 1/1 for Alex Smith.

      It’s not about getting something better than Brady Quinn – cause that’s not hard. It’s about doing what’s best for the long term.

      If they draft Geno, Glennon, Nassib, etc a more likely direction for the team is to bring in a cheaper option (Sanchez or a guy like Colt McCoy for example) to compete with them.

  • jimfetterolf

    Maybe I missed something, but I thought Smith got hurt and his replacement played extremely well, so the coach left Smith on the bench. That makes Smith a reasonable pick-up in trade for a #2 and change and lets the Chiefs draft a functional LT to protect him.