Justin Houston was just one of many AFC players that struggled to cover Kyle Rudolph as the NFC defeated the AFC 62-25. (Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Pro Bowl Results In Another Loss for Chiefs

Six members of the Kansas City Chiefs took part in the 2013 Pro Bowl on Sunday. For those players, they were on the losing end of an NFL game for the 18th time in 21 games. That’s a lot of losses since they took the field for their first preseason game on August 10th against the Arizona Cardinals. While they may have won that first game five months ago by a score of 27-17, they were on the wrong end of the 62-35 final on Sunday.

The Pro Bowl was already on life support and already meant less than the preseason games. It’s hard to imagine that the NFC’s stomping of the AFC did much to alter the status quo along those lines. People seemed to be looking for proof that the participants were giving it their all, and whether they were or not, the game was still essentially unwatchable.

As noted in the AP recap of the game:

If players were coasting this time around, it was less obvious. The AFC just played poorly. And fans didn’t boo much — the stands were relatively empty even though the game sold enough tickets to lift a local television blackout.

The game was trending on Twitter in the United States early on, but quickly gave way to the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the WWE Royal Rumble.

For the Chiefs players themselves, they provided some bright spots in the game. The biggest in fact came early in the second quarter when Derrick Johnson picked off Eli Manning and found paydirt after 42 yards. His touchdown put the AFC up 14-10 – it wound up being their last lead of the day.

In addition to the interception, Johnson was also credited for six tackles and a pass defensed. DJ scored the TD but it was fellow Chief Eric Berry that led all defensive players in the game with seven tackles, six of them solo. Justin Houston added four tackles and Tamba Hali finished with three though all were victimized at times by the NFC’s passing attack.

Give the lopsided nature of the score, Jamaal Charles only had three chances to carry the ball and was targeted once in the passing game. All told he wound up with 12 yards rushing with a long of seven. Collectively the AFC finished with 15 yards on 11 attempts so while Charles didn’t have a chance to standout, he was still the best running back on his team.

Not to be forgotten, Dustin Colquitt hit four punts that totaled 206 yards. His 51.5 average per punt was aided by a long of 58.

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4 Comments on Pro Bowl Results In Another Loss for Chiefs

  1. Joel Wagler says:

    I am puzzled as to why the NFL insists on playing this game. The players are obviously just trying not to get hurt, and who could blame them?

    • Wally Fish says:

      Yeah – it’s hard to hold the players at fault. The game is at the “end” of the year and the NFL season is such a physically taxing grind in a game where injuries play such a big part that I don’t see any way to really make it a viable event. Moving it to be held before the Super Bowl hasn’t done it any favors either.

  2. Jamie Denton says:

    it’s sad to me that all year we have had t hear about Peyton Manning (Mr. Perfect) The Best in Football ever and that my friends is sarcasm! Then it comes down to the end of the year, and the AFC has alot of great offensive players on their team in running backs as well as receivers (Arian Foster/Jamal Charles) and all John Fox can muster up is a few running plays for each back, oh and to play it safe let’s let Peyton and Matt throw it to the RB’s a couple of times! It’s not that I dislike Peyton Manning he is a great player, but there were so many other great players out there yesterday a well why does everything have to be the Peyton Manning Show??

    • Wally Fish says:

      I’d hardly say the Manning discourse was over the top this season and while I’m sure those with a bone to pick there have a different perspective – it’s debatable. However it was anything but the Peyton Manning show in the Pro Bowl – he threw 12 passes which was far less than Schaub (19) and Luck (22). Feel free to criticize the AFC play selection all you want but it had absolutely nothing to do with Peyton Manning.

      And let’s not act like it was exclusive to the AFC either – Adrian Peterson had one of the best RB seasons of all time and he only carried the ball 5 times in the game.

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