Andy Reid needs to strike a balance in KC. (Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports)

Andy Reid's Greatest Weakness as a Coach

Do a search on play calling and Andy Reid and you will find pages of articles ripping the former Philadelphia Eagles coach. In almost every case there is someone complaining about the fact that Reid throws the ball too many times per game. It’s not uncommon for Reid to throw the ball 75% of the time.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s pass happy league, Reid’s choice to throw the ball 75% of the time may not seem like it’s too much.  However, the highest ratio across the NFL came in 1995 when the average team threw the ball 57.4% of the time.   This means that Reid has been throwing the ball almost 20% more than the most pass happy year the NFL has ever seen!  The problem for Philadelphia got so bad, that in 2006 Reid removed himself as playcaller and allowed Marty Morningweg to call the plays.  The move resulted in a more balanced approach and wins by the Eagles

Over the years, the 10 teams that ran the ball the most resulted in 9 playoff teams and 1 Super Bowl win. The 10 teams that passed the ball the most managed just 3 playoff births and no Super Bowl appearances. It’s easy to find statistics to say what you want them to say, but the truth is simple:  throwing the ball a ton does not equal wins.

Since 1943 there have been 254 games where QBs racked up 400 yards passing. Only 54% of those games resulted in a win. In the last 6 years passing too much has determined the team will lose 66% of the time. Since 2006 when a quarterback has more than 400 yards, the team wins only 33% of the time.  Hardly a recipe to build a playoff contender.

Andy Reid needs to realize the Kansas City Chiefs are in a great position. They have a track record of running the ball and doing so effectively. Jamaal Charles is one of the best in the game. Reid would do well to utilize Charles’ talents.

Andy Reid has proven himself to be a successful coach. Most Chiefs fans agree that hiring Reid was a great decision by Clark Hunt. Let’s hope that Reid can restrain himself and have a balanced potent attack.

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